Sad Fairy

Sad Fairy

Sad Fairy

Sad fairy, sad fairy the sunshine outside
is beaming for you, but your smile is denied.

Are you sad from the knowledge that the young do grow old
and their soft downy hearts turn white with the cold?

Do you feel that the magic of stories made up
will vanish with time like the squeal of a pup?

Do you feel that you too will dissolve in the mist,
mere droplets of memory for the few who persist

with the childlike imaginings of a long time ago,
when the waters so pure that a mermaid did show?

Please smile little fairy for your sparkly charms
will be gathered with glee in the welcoming arms

of a fresh batch of children, with laughter and kisses
for fairies and elves; as well – reminisces.


26 thoughts on “Sad Fairy

    1. Thanks tipota 🙂 though the voice in this poem is talking to a real fairy (not my little fairy girl 😉 ) – we have them at the bottom of the garden (Shirl put up some lights for them – solar powered fairy lights – it’s done the trick).

    1. Oh dear 😦 hope that did the trick – I sometimes use the tickle monster to snap the sadness away (but that may not work with all kids – haha – it wouldn’t work with me – I would hit anyone who tried to tickle me 😉 )

  1. Apropos — “though the voice in this poem is talking to a real fairy (not my little fairy girl ) – we have them at the bottom of the garden” of your reply to tipota.

    You have real fairies in your yard????

    (Wow, always a new reason to visit Australia!)

    1. You have fairies in your garden too Aletha (but only if you believe) – hard to see them most of the time – quick little zippy winged tiny things 😉 but they can hear what we say – so you can have a conversation with them (just don’t let the neighbours listen in).

  2. I loved this so much I read it to my teady bears. I’m 61 and I’m never growing up if it means one must stifle imagination and the joy of play. Had me a big debate with a writer on the Huffington Post who believed women who collected dolls or bears had some kind of psychological issue. She truly believed that we must outgrow our ability to play. I ended up feeling a little sad for her. Bring on the fairies I say.

    1. ooh, she sounds horrid! My Mum collected bears and dolls – most of the bears were from me 😉 – what’s not to love – being playful has the characteristics of ad-libbing, spontaneity, creativity, flexibility and imagination (maybe that woman had a bad experience with a doll when she was little – haha). Thanks for reading my poem to your teddy bears – I hope they liked it tricia.

  3. What a sweet little fairy was Tessa. Does she still believe in fairies and their “sparkly charms”? (that has such a lovely sound to it)

  4. Tessa is such a cute, sad fairy. I could just squeeeeze her. It’s such a magical time when kids believe in all that stuff. It probably was the greatest time of my life when I used to do things like go pixie hunting in the garden. I’ll never forget it *sigh*

    1. That picture was when Tessa was 3 and had a fairy party – the fairies came in the night to deliver a present and they left little fairydust prints 😉 It is the best time of life I agree – haha – looking for fairies on the toadstools. Thanks Selma.

  5. This thread reminds me, just before our son turned 3 my husband and I invented the Birthday Fairy. The deal was if our son left his bottle on the coffee table the Birthday Fairy would take it and leave presents in its place. He was so cute, kept getting out of bed for just one more suck on the bottle, but after that night he never looked for the bottle again.

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