I am calling an end to my Fortnight of Funnies and would like to thank everyone who sent me stuff :). I still have some pieces left over but time has caught me out, so my apologies to those who missed out.

I am very tired now. Apparently I have had the flu and didn’t really know it. Well I knew something was amiss but the symptoms were different than your usual flu stuff. My doctor tells me the flu is making a lot of people really achy but without the congestion and coughing. I thought I was just unfit – haha. My kids were both sick as well, but sicker than me. If that is the flu than I’ll take that one next time.

Anyway, I’m going back to being grumpy and ranting and raving. Heard Tony Abbott (our unesteemed opposition leader) say yesterday that he is as green as Bob Brown (the previous leader of the Greens party). Well that takes the cake! He’s obviously colour blind.

Get off the grass!

(No rabbits allowed)

I’m going to bed – zzzzzzzzzzz



27 thoughts on “Thanks Everyone!

  1. Get well soon. You know the rules – limit the grains, sugar & dairy. Drink lots of water / warmimg vegie soup, get out in the sun & a bit of olive leaf extract. All the best – hope you do get a chance to put your feet up. xx

  2. aloha Gabrielle – yeah, bed for you and laughter too. even when you don’t feel well. I don’t think parents notice when they are not feeling well so much because they know if they do there are still the children who need care. still, bed, rest, good amounts of clear liquid and laughter on you. aloha

    1. Thanks Rick πŸ™‚ I have never slept so much (lucky that the hubby never gets sick and always comes to the rescue to look after the kids when needed). You’re right about the not noticing feeling sick because we don’t have time to be sick – it is always the way that when we do have time – then we get really sick (like on a holiday). Does vodka count as a clear liquid – bwahahahaha πŸ˜‰

  3. Now, be nice! Tony has promised to offset carbon emissions by planting trees. All we need is about one Ha of new trees per year for every (fossil fuelled) car on the road. Here that equates to about 7,000,000Ha per year, and In the US, about 300,000,000 Ha per year, and world wide about 3,000,000,000 Ha per year, or about thirty million square kilometres of trees per year, every year.
    That demonstrates his Green credentials. So what’s the problem?

  4. Hope you we will be feeling better, Gabrielle. I, too, have not been well… a long lasting cold, I think. I get one about this time every year due to the weird weather changes. So, missed out on lots of posts on people’s sites, including yours. I will need to catch up.

  5. Your fortnight of funnies was epic. Thank you for doing it. Hope you feel better soon.
    I always knew Tony Abbott was green – like the mould you get in the bathroom πŸ˜•

    1. Bwhahahahaha – or like an alien from the planet Abbottabad or Hockeynomics πŸ˜‰ I am feeling better though for a while we thought Tessa and I might be coming down with the measles (a few USD’s – unidentified spotty dots) – eek!

    1. hahahaha – bleach won’t work – nothing appears to be working – I am in despair – when will the population wake from this mass Abbott-induced faux hysteria – might be time for some televised mass hypnosis from a left-leaning psychologist (just have to work out how to get on Australia’s Got Talent as a magician – hmmm) πŸ˜‰

  6. Perhaps it’s better not to know that it’s the flu?? Anyway, here’s hoping that you are rested and feeling better now. And the funnies were/are wonderful.

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