I am calling an end to my Fortnight of Funnies and would like to thank everyone who sent me stuff :). I still have some pieces left over but time has caught me out, so my apologies to those who missed out.

I am very tired now. Apparently I have had the flu and didn’t really know it. Well I knew something was amiss but the symptoms were different than your usual flu stuff. My doctor tells me the flu is making a lot of people really achy but without the congestion and coughing. I thought I was just unfit – haha. My kids were both sick as well, but sicker than me. If that is the flu than I’ll take that one next time.

Anyway, I’m going back to being grumpy and ranting and raving. Heard Tony Abbott (our unesteemed opposition leader) say yesterday that he is as green as Bob Brown (the previous leader of the Greens party). Well that takes the cake! He’s obviously colour blind.

Get off the grass!

(No rabbits allowed)

I’m going to bed – zzzzzzzzzzz