Poem by Helen Ross

Miss Helen

Miss Murtle the Turtle

A cute little turtle
Named Miss Murtle
Loved to sit and knit

She knitted a lot
But no matter what
Nothing seemed to fit

A hat for Rose
Ended over her nose
Then she knitted a jumper for Steve

Its colour was bright
The neck too tight
And his left arm didn’t fit the sleeve

A pair of socks
For Rox, the fox
Were too long and far too wide

And some mittens
For two cuddly kittens
Were big enough to hide inside

Then a scarf
Caused a laugh
As it turned out too small to wear

But Murtle just smiled
Like a naughty child
And put it in her friend’s hair

Though never furious
Murtle was curious
To discover why nothing would fit

So she asked a friend
On whom she could depend
To sit and watch her knit

But her friend, Irena
Laughed like a hyena
She thought Murtle was being a clown

For little Miss Murtle
The cute little turtle
Was reading the pattern book upside down


Helen Ross is a talented ‘Brisbane-based published children’s author, an award winning children’s poet, freelance writer-photographer, and blogger.’

Her new releases include:

Bubble Gum Trouble and Other Giggle Poems


10 Yellow Bananas


She loves to visit schools around Australia and conducts ‘giggle poetry workshops’ 😉

The kids call her Miss Helen.

You can find out more about Miss Helen over here.

Thanks Helen for your lovely giggly poem 🙂