Charles Martin presents:

digital decoupage cwmartin

religious odyssey

aunt bea
was reading
the sunday paper
when i stopped by
she said
i’ve noticed
they have
computer apps
for just about
here’s one
that tutors students
it even watches
the student’s face
so it knows
if the student
is getting upset
will provide
comforting words
of encouragement
guess we can
soon expect
that someone
will walk into a confessional
ask for father dave
and hear
dave’s not here


Today’s funny is from the prolific USA poet Charles Martin aka slplmartin who blogs at Read Between the Minds.

Charles posts a poem a day (text and audio) accompanied by his own wonderfully expressive photographs and digital compilations.

Not only is Charles super talented but his poetry is the beam from the lighthouse shining in the darkness which is the world of war, corruption, slavery and black hearts.

The poem I have posted today is one of his famous aunt bea poems, and he has quite a collection. She is the aunty we all wished we had sitting in the kitchen with a cup of tea and words of wisdom and wit 😉

Charles has quite the loyal following and I am one of his biggest fans.

Thanks Charles for reminding the world of things that are usually hidden or denied;

and thanks for letting me purloin your poem and digitial decoupage 🙂


19 thoughts on “Aunt Bea (for Fortnight of Funnies)

  1. I completely agree with you re. Charles, Gabe. He IS the beam of light shining from the lighthouse. I am a fan of all of his work, but in particular of the Aunt Bea poems. She is a legend. It probably won’t be long until the Hal app comes out. Love this!

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