Ben’s Fable: Nature is Cruel

(The bird and the wolf/l’oiseau-et-le-loup)

by Bénédicte Delachanal

Bénédicte Delachanal is a French speaking Canadian artist who lives in Montreal. She blogs art (watercolours, inks, drawings) at Carnet de Dessins.
Thanks Ben
Gros Bisous 🙂

15 thoughts on “l’oiseau-et-le-loup (for Fortnight of Funnies)

  1. That wolf is so cute Benedicte – haha. Note: if anyone wants help with the translation just give us a hoy! Just for starters – ‘oisillon’ is baby bird. Predator without ‘feint’ means a predator with a bold approach/without fear.

  2. thank you very much Selma, BB ( I like your idea of russian dolls, a sheep in a wolf in a…), Martin and Kate.
    for a quick translate, it is the story of a father trying to give a lesson on how things work in the world to his son.
    so it starts like this;
    look son, this prints show us that a little bird was savagely eaten by a big bad beast.
    the ( oh yep? may be in English) might be interpreted at the son who is skeptical and imagine a other story.

    1. Thanks Ben for the translate 😉 Your story reminds me of the time my 2 dogs chased after an emu that was hanging around our front garden (admittedly a much larger bird – haha) and were barking like crazy – the emu turned around to face them and proceeded to chase my dogs back to the house – haha – my dogs were petrified (tails between their legs).

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