I’ll Have What She’s Having

There’s one in every suburb
posing as a bestie, but beware
for it is said
this creature is a beastie.

Rent-a-husband is her game
and yours is in her sights;
when darkness falls, she’ll come for him
so don’t go working nights.

“Can you help me with my …”
(stick WHATEVER in the blank).
Ain’t his boy scout skills she wants,
Girlfriends, let’s be frank.

With all-consuming envy
she’s competing for your life;
she wants your house, the car you drive,
to replace you as his wife.

So, good women everywhere,
keep friends you know are true.
but guard against the frenemy
lest her prey is you!


Beeblu passed me this wickedly funny poem for my Fortnight of Funnies. I’m sure we have all come across one of these poisonous critters πŸ˜‰ Beeblu is my internet sister in Existential Angst, which is reflected in her wonderful and often dark poetry. This is balanced with her dry and cynical humour and terrific photos. Beeblu’s blog is found here.

Thanks BB πŸ™‚


Don’t forget you can join in the fortnight of funnies by emailing me a funny (poems, art, photos, stories etc.,) this week or next if you are a regular follower and commenter on this blog.

ps.Β Β  Image via www.sxc.hu

29 thoughts on “Beeblu (poem for Fortnight of Funnies)

  1. Absolutely brilliant. It IS true. I know a few people it’s happened to. Frenemies are odious people. Sucking up to you all the time like they’re your best mate when all the time they have a hidden agenda.

    “when darkness falls, she’ll come for him
    so don’t go working nights.”

    This is the killer line. Hilarious on so many levels. LOVE IT!!!

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