Rhyme & PUNishment: Comedic Verse

Rhyme & PUNishment: Comedic Verse

I’ve been ranting and a raving lately, and I’m sick of it 😉

You must be too!

So I’m all up for some funny stuff.

I am going to have a ‘fortnight of funnies’ – if I get enough material. My regular readers will know I have had a citrus week and a penguin week. I do like a theme or two 🙂

So send me your funnies if you are a regular reader and commenter on my blog – poems, short stories, flash fiction, photos, jokes, tall tales – whatever (though keep it PG rated please); and I will endeavour to post it on my blog. No promises but I will try.

Now, why this emotional turnaround (you may ask)?

It started with two of my funny poems being published in Rhyme & Punishment: Comedic Verse (edited by Nick Hale and James P. Wagner of Local Gems Poetry Press from New York).

‘Local Gems Poetry Press is a small Long Island based poetry press dedicated to spreading poetry through performance and the written word. Local Gems believes that poetry is the voice of the people, and as the sister organization of the Bards Initiative, believes that poetry can be used to make a difference’ (Local Gems)


‘Rhyme and PUNishment: Comedic Verse is a hilarious compilation of funny poetry from 89 contemporary poets! There is something in this collection for everyone!’

The two poems are wine connoiseur and Cartoon Life.

Today I give you a warm glass of words:

wine connoisseur

 see, swirl, sniff, sip, savour
blahblahblah vibrant drop blahblahblah
see, swirl, sniff, sip, savour
blahblahblah full bodied blahblahblah
see, swirl, sniff, sip, savour
blahblahblah woody notes blahblahblah
see, swirl, sniff, sip, savour
blahblahblah complex flavours blahblahblah
see, swirl, sniff, sip, savour
blahblahblah strong finish blahblahblah
see, swirl, sniff, sip, savour
slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, sluuuurp,
blahblahblah flubalubalub blahblahblah


If you like poetry and a good laugh, you can purchase Rhyme & PUNishment: Comedic Verse from Lulu;


‘The Kick Off Event for Rhyme and PUNishment is May 28th!
All Local Gems books are kicked off with readings! Rhyme and PUNishment’s first event is being held at a bar called the Lizard Lounge in Bohemia on Long Island New York! The owners are very excited to have us there and the event promises to be a hoot!

Check out the event on facebook!’


That is tomorrow if you live in the USA.
I would go but my Learjet is in for a service 😉
Don’t forget to send me your funnies (starting NOW) – email me at gbryden at bigpond dot com

29 thoughts on “Rhyme & PUNishment: Comedic Verse

  1. Note: I once sent my poem ‘wine connoiseur’ to an Australian journal/anthology thingy and it was rejected in less than a day – haha – I think I may have offended someone’s wine tasting sensibilities!

      1. yeah, goes to show piedhillprawns that you shouldn’t take rejection too personally as a lot has to do with the taste – any my glass of wine obviously was not to their taste 😉

  2. How ‘funny’ do you want it to be, GB? I have a lot of stuff that I have written with my tongue in my cheek (or what i hope is a wry twist) about our life here at the Centre of the Universe, plus some poems inspired by friends’ amusing situations, but nothing that would induce a belly-laugh.

    You have probably read most of it on Pool.

    So … (a) how funny; (b) how many and (c) how long?


  3. Congrats, and what a deserving subject! I have never, ever, rever, lever, skevver seen such BS as some DH’s put on wine labels! Wunnerful!
    I have a couple of wine label limericks that were knocked back.
    I’ll post them to you to do what you will with, even if they end up on the back of the dunny door,that will be better than the use to which they are currently being put, ie, cluttering up my hard drive!

    1. Bwhahahahaha – I hope you’re not driving Stafford 😉 Don’t worry about Coriole – what do they know (they should stick to wine and forget about poetry – hehe)

  4. Just so you know, I am all for a good rant and rave. Anytime. Love it.
    I am so pleased for your success, Gabe. Just brilliant. Your poem is impeccably perfumed, round and sweet, with scintillating fruit aromas and a toasty background. Hear hear!!

    1. Glad you liked my drop of red 🙂 I don’t mind a rant and rave either (as long as I agree with it – hahaha) but I feel like I have been too angry for too long and need to lighten the load (plus I might start getting threatening letters from the mining magnate fraternity and the Abbott monkey club). Thanks Selma (if I had fixed the learjet in time for the launch in NY I could have picked you up on the way 😉 )

    1. I would like nothing better Benedicte 🙂 I’ve been on vineyard trails in South Australia (where some of our best wines are made) and the vineyards are so beautiful and the wine tasting so much fun (we never spit our wine out – hahaha). Maybe in a few years when my life is not so hectic Ben. I am sure you will enjoy your visit with your Mum later in the year – I’d love to see some photos of that area in France.

  5. Hi Gabrielle. Congrats on your poems being published in ‘Rhyme & Punishment: Comedic Verse’ . Love your wine connoisseur poem. What a great idea – 2 weeks of funnies. I’m in.

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