The beginnings of a Story (a poem)



Crazy is as Crazy does

His nickname –

‘Why Crazy? she asked.
absorbed, as they all were
even the boys,
you could call them friends,
often used,
sometimes abused,
afraid and angry,
but captivated – dogs on a lead,
ensnared with some sort of addictive love
for this man,
confidence in a swagger and brag,
switch blade in the back pocket of pale jeans,
covered by a loose blue work shirt,
heard about but not seen.

He knocked some bastard’s teeth out in the pub,
the cops are looking for him,
laughed Mick,
with unease and awe wavering in his breath.

‘I bit a bloke’s ear off once
and the blood pissed out like a cat with a slit throat
all over my shirt!’
Crazy described this assault on his person,
he often dressed well for a night out,
pissed off in the recall,
the man without half an ear –
a playing pawn
in a game of snakes and ladders:
how fast can you get
to the top of the ladder
of crimes to impress by –
not a bad story.

He kissed and sighed in her ear
‘I killed a man in Longreach once’
before passing out on the bed.

In the morning he rolled over and groaned
‘keep that to yourself’ he winked –
a scowl-smile warning hovered.

She should have paid attention
to the nickname.

Crazy is as Crazy does




18 thoughts on “Crazy

  1. I reckon this is about a real person! The story seems to ring a bell or did you just do such a good job I just think it is real? … I know you can do that, clever girl!

    1. Bwhahahaha – you would love to know wouldn’t you Stafford πŸ˜‰ It could be true, then again, it could be complete fiction, or it could be a combination of both. I’m afraid I am not at liberty to tell you dear friend or I risk a knife in the rib cage – haha!

  2. wow so that’s what a storypoem can be. that is very intricate and i like the way it engages my imagination, paints the characters with subtle but distinct colors, and also the perspective makes a comment ever so delicately while not pulling any punches. fine stuff.

  3. Oooer *shudder* – yes, she should have paid attention. “confidence in a swagger and brag” – how true is that? I have a poem in draft about sociopaths in suits and it is exactly that that pulls the wool over everyone’s eyes – that extreme confidence and charming artifice.

  4. I like it a lot. It is such a true characterisation. Love this bit – β€˜I bit a bloke’s ear off once
    and the blood pissed out like a cat with a slit throat
    all over my shirt!’
    OUCH. He’s a crazy bastard all right. You just have to write some more. I love it!

  5. I knew guys like this when I was growing up. I haven’t thought about the charisma of mayhem and murder for a while but this poem evokes that well.

    1. Thanks Alec :). It’s a bit like those women who develop relationships via letters and internet with murderers in prison or on death row. Some even marry them when they get out – gotta be a few stories in that!

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