I found out about Book Spine Poetry over at Another Lost Shark and thought I would give it a go 🙂

Cancer Ward
Where Angels Fear to Tread
Waiting for Godot

The Odyssey
A Brief History of Time
So long, and thanks for all the fish

The Lower Depths
The Diary of a Nobody
Crime and Punishment

29 thoughts on “Book Spine Poetry

  1. Oh wow. I’ve never seen this before, mind blowing stuff. I really like what you’ve done here.
    My family call my home The Book Depository, i have to try this. Thanks for sharing this.

      1. You should see my house right now – liitle piles of books everywhere. I’ve started playing with the DVDs too. Now I just have to wait for my nephew to come and download some of the photos to my website.
        I understand the dust mite thing, I’ve got a chronic lung disease but I use my oxygen while I toy with this very addictive new medium.

    1. Hi Dhyan – good to see you back from your sojourn 🙂 You can print any of my photos. The second one is my favourite too – haha – I always knew that dolphins had the answers 😉

  2. Excellent – the first and last, stark realities. LOL @ the second one.
    After Graham posted his, I went looking for inspiration but have given so many to the library and ones that I have bought recently are electronic – another lamentable downside of going down the e-book route!

  3. This is a brilliant idea! And I love your poems.

    Of course, now I’m off to a have a crack at my own.

    And strike one up to the bloggers – where else are you going to find great things like this?

    1. Thanks Selma 🙂 It’s a bit like found poetry where you use existing text from newspapers etc., I should try one like that – cut out the words like kidnappers do when they write the ransom note – crime poetry – haha.

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