blur words for pissedoffedness

not happy jan
apathy bland
interest adrift
zilch spilch
unsound sound
yeti continues
on and on and on
like persistent tinnitus
mad monk abbottabad
titantic floundering filibusters
insane in the membrane


Note: This poem might seem a bit confusing for non-Australians or people not familiar with our current political climate.

If interested, Tony Abbott is the leader of the conservative opposition (the coalition).

Clive Palmer is a billionaire mining magnate who likes to buy expensive toys – he wants to build a replica titantic; he parks very large sums of money with the LNP just for the feel good factor ;); he is thinking of buying some super-sized chunks of the media and maybe entering Federal politics (Palmer also seems to think the CIAΒ  is backing green groups to destroy the mining industry in Australia ;)).

Fun times!


Very angry emoticon (Vista Style emoticons)