blur words for pissedoffedness

not happy jan
apathy bland
interest adrift
zilch spilch
unsound sound
yeti continues
on and on and on
like persistent tinnitus
mad monk abbottabad
titantic floundering filibusters
insane in the membrane


Note: This poem might seem a bit confusing for non-Australians or people not familiar with our current political climate.

If interested, Tony Abbott is the leader of the conservative opposition (the coalition).

Clive Palmer is a billionaire mining magnate who likes to buy expensive toys – he wants to build a replica titantic; he parks very large sums of money with the LNP just for the feel good factor ;); he is thinking of buying some super-sized chunks of the media and maybe entering Federal politics (Palmer also seems to think the CIAΒ  is backing green groups to destroy the mining industry in Australia ;)).

Fun times!


Very angry emoticon (Vista Style emoticons)


23 thoughts on “blur words for pissedoffedness

  1. On Monday, I was listening to Fran on RN, when on came Greg Combet who rattled off many of the achievements of the Rudd-Gillard governments.
    They included; avoiding crashing the economy during the GFC, making a start on carbon reduction by putting a price on carbon, planning and well on the way to building a world class fibre optic network for communications, recognising and starting to address mental health, reforming the funding of hospitals, replacing Howard’s work and pay rules that were written to make the rich richer and the poor poorer with a more eqitable set of rules, increasing education funding and making schools more accountable through NAPLAN (Not sure I agree this is a good thing), achieving a start to making the big international mining companies pay for their access to our minerals, a finite resource, trying to find a way of helping gambling addicts control their money and many more.
    Most of these achievements were made while a minority government so every bill had to be negotiated with minor parties and independents, while the conservative opposition tried its damnedest to scuttle every little idea, with the clear aim of destroying the elected government, continually lying about what was being achieved and offering no alternative proposal.,

    Then in the evening, the drive presenter was giving air time to all the anti-Gillard me-tooers, talking only about personalities and the well known grotts she finds herself working with. So I texted this: “Gillard Shmillard! I am just terrified Abbott will get in and destroy all the gains!” He did read it out then commented sarcastically; “Maybe you should tell us what gains there were!” So we have to listen all day to get ballanced comment.

    Far better to not wast one’s time, leave the media to the Dubbos and go straight to the Bryden blog to get the real story, told with wit and humour! The force of common sense, decency and literacy be with you, now and forevermore, Amen. πŸ™‚

    1. Wow, you have just summarised what I have been thinking for the past 2 days – so many achievements and in the difficult environment of a minority government. There is definitely some issues with conservative media and sexism ala Tim Dunlop Thanks Stafford – awesome comment (5/5) and don’t spend all that money the CIA is giving you at once πŸ˜‰

  2. I do recall seeing in the WSJ something about Titanic II…that combined with what I’ve seen on LinkTv…made you poem make perfect sense…of course in SoCal such poems always make sense. πŸ™‚

  3. i hadnt been informed bout the politics over there but its kinda the same story all around with money-backers and how the political scene is pushed that way – and in general i find it an almost circus atmosphere, but i myself dont want to be running for any office so i cant really complain about the madness w/o having myself make solutions but it’s not my job heh heh, still i like the idea of blurwords and can catch the brilliantly observant and comic tone of this, bravo!

    1. Thanks tipota – the demos has every right to complain about the people running for power – though it must be a hard gig and pretty much impossible to get right (though they could try a lot harder and with heaps more integrity – ‘integrity, what is this word you refer to’ I hear them mumble paternalistically).

  4. insane in the membrane alright… Australia is in the middle of one hell of a political funk right now!

  5. Agree with Graham, these are scary times. I like your drunken flabbergastery, you’ve created some great words that, in the past, might have been used by mainstream media, but now, under faceless control will be locked away like so many political activists. And, consider, there’s a reason poets and artists are the first to be locked up when fascist regimes take control.

    1. Defunding the arts is just the start of it Mark πŸ˜‰ I’m off into hiding in a few months – but I am sure they will be able to track me down via the computer – haha. Clive Palmer probably has a team scouring all media for derogatory ramblings (he is the king of legal slamdunkery) – they must be busy monitoring all the writers and comedians (you could make a living just telling Palmer jokes).

  6. May not be familiar with your particular political agenda there but politics and the words that carry them from election to election, I believe are universal in nature, and this is a wonderful post. Love it! πŸ™‚

  7. Oh for Pete’s sake, everybody knows it’s MI5 backing the green groups to destroy the mining industry and that James Bond is the main culprit (he’s a real guy, you know…) Aussie politics is descending into the farcical at the moment. I try to comfort myself by saying that at least we don’t have a Sarah Palin or a Mitt Romney; but it’s probably only a matter of time….Strewth!

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