Campaign Trail

The politics of barnstorming:

Stunt flying in carnival skies,
country fairs and starry eyes.

Political speeches, theatrical lies,
white teeth lectures in pomade disguise.

Parachute jumping into alien towns,
tall tale faking and face painted frowns.

Sympathetic grunting and reflective sounds,
all of these abound in barnstorming grounds.

Send in the clowns.


Note: I took the photo of the red bi-plane at the Wide Bay International Airshow šŸ™‚ There is nothing much better than a red bi-plane.

27 thoughts on “Campaign Trail

  1. Really clever bit or wordsmithing young lady, but like the song says about sending in the clowns; Don’t bother, they’re here!”. What oh what are we to do???

  2. This is superb! Imagery, rhyme, satire and wordplay masterfully woven. Should be published. LOL @ “white teeth lectures in pomade disguise”. šŸ˜€ It’s almost impossible to find a decent pollie these days – (Geoff Gallop was one of the few but left due to depression – that in itself tells a story)

    1. Thanks bluebee šŸ™‚ I wasn’t so impressed with this poem when I wrote it but it is growing on me. You are right about hard to find a decent pollie – there are some but they tend not to be selected as leadership material because they aren’t moderate enough. I hear Anna Burke (labor MP for Chisom) is excellent – she has taken over Slipper from the chair – hahaha (she’s my cousin šŸ˜‰ – hahaha) – she’s too left to ever be the leader though and cares to much for refugees for popular support (says a lot about Australia today).

  3. Red bi-planes rule. ZOOOMMM.
    I also like this line –
    ‘white teeth lectures in pomade disguise.’
    Telling it like it is with a great deal of aplomb. Love this one, Gabe!

      1. You are going to laught at this. Real plane, owned by my father, and yes to the other two. Don’t know why, because this (being a Hornet Moth instead of a Tiger Moth) had a cabin to sit in instead of holes in the top of a tube. I suppose the leather flying hat and goggles were just to look the part.

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