Run for the hills: the Gabe files

In 1999 I had a very vivid dream. In the dream I am standing at the base of a high-rise building. It’s the Brisbane Stock Exchange. Suddenly a large jet airliner crashes into the building. The plane emerges out of the other side and the building collapses. The devastation is immense and all that is left is a large hole in the ground. I am safe but everything around me is destroyed.

The dream had such an impact on me that I began to fear travelling in airplanes. Every time a plane went overhead my heart would beat a little faster. I got married later in 1999 and my husband and I flew to Far North Queensland for our honeymoon. I remember telling him on the plane about my dream and how I was a bit scared. We both laughed at how silly it sounded.

The day of the terrorist attacks in New York, September 11 2001, I saw a version of my dream played out on every television channel. I couldn’t believe what was happening. My psychiatrist told me that all dreams represent something that has occurred in the previous 48 hours. Maybe, maybe not!

I have another dream which bothers me. It’s a recurring dream that is also very vivid and I think about it often. It takes a number of forms but basically I am living near the coast or in a city with a river running through it (yes, that would be Brisbane). Suddenly there is a tsunami and the sea rises up and destroys the town. Everyone is madly running as fast as they can go, trying to outrun the waves, trying to get to higher territory. The waves do not retreat and the place is completely swamped. I make it safely to higher ground, along with a small group of family, friends and some strangers. We travel as far away from the town as we can get, still fearful of the rising waters. We travel into the hills, to the most beautiful place in the world and we are safe. We decide to make that place our new home. Most people have not survived and we are very grateful that we did.

I had my first tsunami dream the day before the Banda Aceh tsunami of December 26 2004. It was probably just a result of over-indulging on bubbly on Christmas day but maybe not.

I live in a small seaside village on the shores of Hervey Bay in Queensland. It’s a low lying place and 7,000 years ago the seas reached about 1km inland. You can still see the ‘second ridge’ – the elevation of the original beach, now covered in vegetation.

Earlier this year a cyclone hovered about 100km away from our seaside town and we could feel the winds from the edge of the low pressure system. The wind created large waves which pounded on the shore and one day the waves started to break through the ‘first ridge’, something which the locals had never seen happen. After about 10 days the cyclone eventually moved further out to sea.

One day I think we may have to ‘run for the hills’.


This is a repost from 2009.

Well, I do have a sick chicken to take care of 😉

40 thoughts on “Run for the hills: the Gabe files

  1. great story especially the way the dreams interweave- scary! premonitions or precognition, maybe, maybe not but still striking and resonant and memorable, those ingredients together are hard to ignore. i wish you could have an emergency escape
    airbus or helicopter, forget about running for the hills haha
    there should be vehicles that can transform from, a minibus or suv into a 10-seater airplane or small friendly rocket – for times when a driver just wants to stop driving and start flying. just lift right off from the road haha. also keep high boots and warm raincoats on hand in an easy to grab place just in case and have an escape ark of some sort – i just cant imagine, but i live coastal also and yes there is always the chance, the weather cycles have shifted. last year i didnt have flowering vegetables in the garden until june. this year they are already in full flower, some past, it’s weird, you never know…

    1. So did my grandma apparently Martin – dreamt about a train crash and then refused to get on a train she was supposed to be travelling in, and then there was a train crash (or so the story goes 😉 ).

  2. Many people have moved to the Blue Mountains from Sydney for a very similar reason. I have just been invited to an Inca calendar ” End of the Year” party on Dec 21st………they say there will be no 22nd.

    1. haha – bring it on Jane 😉 At least the people who move higher up are the ones who in general care about the environment and believe in human-induced climate change, so we will be left with a good mob – hahaha!

  3. OK, the first thing I’m not going to comment on is yet another parallel in our psyches, except to post the last line of a draft poem which I started on earlier this month: “I know tonight I’ll have tsunami dreams” 😉 ’nuff said.
    And today I flew to MLB and was reflecting on how I went through a period in my life (long before 9/11) when I was extremely afraid of flying but am no longer afraid at all and don’t really understand why – I often dream that I survive aircraft crashes. The 9/11 premonition-type dream you had makes my hair stand on end, Gabe

    1. haha – amazing synchronicity bb 😉 I had a serialised tsunami dream onces – the huge wave was at it’s peak and I woke up in a cold sweat – the next night as soon as I closed my eyes the wave continued crashing down (typical – can’t escape it). Tessa told me this morning she had a dream about a Spitfire crashing in the suburbs – eek! I also had a dream about a jet plane crashing in the suburbs (Toowong in Brisbane) ages ago – we’ll see what happens. Of course, all this could be explained by over active imaginations and a tendency to feeling overwhelmed 😉 and coincidence.

      1. Serialized?! That’s freaky %~) Hopefully those out-of-control planes are purely symbolic and the pilots are skilled enough to land them safely 😉

  4. Coincidence, or the more sophisticated brother synchronicity – or a form of precognition yet again tending to validate the theory that while time is like a flowing river, it is one which can be accessed upstream or downstream?

    1. ooh I like that colonialist – a flowing river – I like to think of time like a ferris wheel going round and round and you can get off and on at different places. I probably fell asleep in my seat and have just kept going round and round 😉

    1. The oceans are already rising Charles – just ask the people living on the low lying atolls and islands – I don’t know why people find it so hard to believe (it’s not like it hasn’t happened many times before – our Great Barrier Reef was once the coast (land) thousands of years ago when the seas were much lower than they are now, before the ice started to melt with warming.).

  5. Wow, you’ve got something going on in that brain of yours!

    (Sometimes I wonder if my regular bad moods might be linked to something bad that’s happened, or is about to happen, but then I realise that it’s just me – I’m grumpy.)

    PS I too can’t believe that there are so many people who reckon climate change is false. Is it so hard to link intense human activity to a change in the weather? Really, I worry about this country of ours.

    1. There is always something bad going on somewhere Nigel, so maybe your grumpiness is a universal psychic vibe – haha – I’ll can call you ‘your grumpiness’ from now on – like ‘your majesty’ ;). I worry about most of the world – we are, it would appear, moving rapidly from potential prevention of climatic disaster to the mitigation of damage phase (where you start building the sea walls and deserting low lying areas) – soon it will be a case of having to save your own skin (and friends and familly) and stuff everyone else, because there will be no other choice. I’m already planning the mitigation stage – watch this space!

  6. Mt Cootha calls me to run quite often, but for a different reason all together.

    I knew a guy who used to dream about the Melbourne Cup. His dreams gave him the winner five years in a row. He won a LOT of money. Let me know if you have any of those dreams, k?

    1. haha – hello mr runner mark – you still marathoning (where do you get the energy)! That would be cool dreaming about the Melbourne cup winner. I put money on the winners nose three years in a row and won each time (but that was just me and the form guide – haha) – I don’t do that anymore because I didn’t want to break the winning streak 😉

      1. ha! yes, last count is 25 marathons and ultra-marathons. beer might not be good for the waist, but it’s good for the legs. that’s my story and i’m sticking to it.

  7. I believe our dreams tell us alot about what is happening in the world around us or about the people in our lives and no, I don’t believe they have to come within a certain period of time before something happens for it to be real. I dreamt about the house I now live in many, many years ago when I was first married. Little did I know I would divorce and yet, when I saw the house I was compelled to move here. Now I’ve lived here nearly 8yrs and have found it isn’t the ‘dream house’ I expected it to be, simply because it was in my dreams. But, oh well, live and learn. I do hope you will remain safe and sound. 🙂

    1. I agree Renee. It is good to analyse our subconcious on a regular basis. Maybe we change our behaviour sometimes because of dreams we have (I know I have done that) and maybe it is a good thing to do for some reason that we are not fully aware of (but our subconcious is aware of – it is still part of us doing the thinking). Thanks Renee 🙂

  8. I used to have tsunami dreams all the time when I felt emotionally overwhelmed, and have tended to choose dwellings high up on hills. I had dreams for years of being attacked and trying to dial 911 for help and no one answering. I was certain that 911 was chosen by terrorists to make Americans feel all the more vulnerable. It added to the nightmare quality of that day. I was nowhere near my children and assumed I wouldn’t see them again while the last plane was “somewhere” in the air. I assumed it would hit one of the nuclear power plants I live near.

  9. Hi, GB. I believe those dreams are your assessment of what is happening in our world and projecting forward. A worry shared by many, but not enough!
    BTW, I guess when Chickens Sicken, you get Sick Chickens…. but i guess you saw that coming too. Hahahaha!

    1. Stafford, Stafford, Stafford – never let logic get in the way of a good story – bwhahahaha – actually I was having big wave dreams even as a kid (but generally they are a sign of being overwhelmed) long before I had heard of climate change 😉 I once had a dream that the lane at the end of the street was flooded and when I woke up the washing machine was leaking and there was water all over the laundry floor – hahaha. I don’t get your chicken joke 😉 but I don’t trust you when it comes to chickens or cows (or other edible creatures – hahaha).

  10. I may sound like a nut for saying this but I have had two people in my family who experienced precognition via dreams. The dreams were always accurate. I used to be a full-blown skeptic re. such things but after researching my great-Aunt’s life I can see that she had some kind of ability. I don’t know how to explain it but she could see the future through dreams. She was very sensitive and caring like you. And like you she was quite in tune with the earth. I do believe that some people have abilities that may be unexplainable.

    I have a recurring dream about a house – a beautiful old house – where the floors keep collapsing. It probably means a house with no floors is all I could afford in Sydney. Typical. 🙄

    1. Selma – you’re not a nut – the fact is nobody knows the truth so it is entirely possible that you are correct about your aunt. Sensitive and caring – moi – haha – I’m really a bastard (Rick to Neil – ‘You Bastard! You complete and utter bastard! why dont you just go out and become a Policeman? Become a Pig? there’s no difference you know?! I suppose you hate gay people too! Hippie!’ – hahaha). Interesting your dream about the house – often a house will represent you and different facets of your personality (via rooms, roof etc.,) and a collapsing floor can mean you feel your support system is failing – hmmm! I often dream of rooms in a large house.

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