Sorry Saga of Boxing Kangaroos

Let us begin with a polite bow of introduction.

Intimidation – Look I’m bigger than you.

The referee’s decision is final.



It’s a knockout.

Spoils of war 😉

All out brawl – spoil sports!

The End


Note: An edited repost (this was one of my first blog posts but I had about 2 readers back then – haha). These are wild Eastern Grey kangaroos that hang around our town. I took these photos from my front garden and the kangaroos are on the footpath across the road. You can also watch a bodgy video I took of boxing kangaroos on youtube here.

22 thoughts on “Sorry Saga of Boxing Kangaroos

    1. Thanks Selma – it is exciting – the kicking is more dangerous than the arm boxing (except the big males who are quite muscular – the young kangaroos have such tiny little arms that the arms just hang around not doing much most of the time). I watched a video of giraffes the other day and they really lay into each other – wacking each other on the necks – looks totally weird – haha.

    1. Yes terry, I take most of the photos on this blog (if I don’t I put an acknowledgement of where I got it from). These are local kangaroos that hang around our front garden and the town. Our town is unusual like that – we are bordered by a national park and the ocean so lots of wildlife. Kangaroos usually avoid towns, but not here 🙂 They are in most of the streets – some of the locals think they are a nuisance but I can’t get enough of them.

    1. bwahahahaha, gigglesnort – come on down squirrel, I need you in my movement to eradicate human induced denial in relation to environmental issues, particularly climate change and nuclear issues – the kangaroos are part of the movement, along with dolphins (headed by the orca brigade – orcas are still dolphins, just a bit more proactive and pissed off than the rest of the dolphins, so they will be that little bit more motivated). The crocodiles and sharks are also on board as they will be taking over when the humans are extinct (so will the cockroaches – but they’re out of the loop because there’re a bit disgusting and not so smart). Don’t know how you squirrels are going to go, but you can discuss that with the possums when you get here – they are the Aussie equivalent to squirrels. Selma will help out too I am sure 😉 – she has some contacts in the witches and wizard guild – we’ll need all the magic we can muster. Stafford can help too – he has a big boat which will come in handy when the seas rise – we’ll call him Noah 🙂 – ribbitt, ribbitt

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