The Magician

I did not sign the Magician’s Oath
for a magician I am not
or mentalist, creator of illusions,
smoke and mirrors conjurer.

The house of cards was your idea,
fabricate an audience from a hat,
bring into being the life of the party,
shower coins from an empty bucket,

transformation, restoration,
teleportation, levitation,
production, prediction and penetration
man walking through a mirror,

look each spectator in the eye,
tip of the hat, wink and a slide,
then vanish from the stage
as you transform the assistant into a tiger.

I did not sign the Magician’s Oath
but your secrets are safe with me.

28 thoughts on “The Magician

  1. There is a lot going on here, and as a person who sat behind the best stage magicians for years, I do know how some of it was done, but somehow I felt this poem talk to me personally and even poke the accusing finger. Or maybe that is just how I feel right now, with the house of cards a bit shaky.
    PS. Clive Palmer for PM?

    1. Wow, that would have been amazing Stafford – up close and personal with great stage musicians. Trust me, this poem is definitely not talking to you or any other blogger that I currently ‘converse’ with 😉 Clive Palmer for PM (that would be pathetic miner).

  2. This fantastic and sinister poem brings to mind the movie ‘The Ides of March’ – the corrupt politician and the implicit demands made of those who serve him

    1. Thanks Selma 🙂 I used to hate magicians but they are growing on me now – especially after I saw the Moscow circus about a year ago and the magic show was unbelievably good – impossible – how did they do it!

    1. I am sure the psychotherapist is seen as a magician by many patients – thanks squirrel – I’d like to be a wizard (but being female I can’t be one – I don’t want to be a witch – too haglike for me – haha)

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