Henri the existential cat

Henri 2 Paw de Deux

Following on from my ‘Waiting for Godot‘ type poem, we have this totally hilarious video of Henri the existential cat:)

35 thoughts on “Henri the existential cat

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    1. Yes! I think the accent is superbe Benedicte – I have a great desire to do a video of my two dogs with my fake french accent over the top – haha – would be too painful I think, but you never know (if only I knew how to edit video – arrgh).

    1. It certainly is Pseu – I once ran into a screen door which I failed to see and the whole thing came out of the door and we both fell on the floor – that too was a loss of dignity – haha – and very noisy. Thanks for stopping by my bloggedy blog 🙂

  1. Aaah Henri, you have summed up life so well that a single tear of recognition ran down my cheek as I watched you considering the drab tedium of existence. Such is life, mon ami.

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