The wonderful Canadian artist and blogging buddy Benedicte Delachanal approached me for an art rendez-vous or two.

She does art workshops in the real world for people with chronic pain, and thought that I would appreciate similar painting and drawing sessions, to show how relaxing and joyful it is and to give me a break from the ‘word world’ and a foray into the non-verbal.

USA artist Aletha Kuschan joined in on the party, just for fun! (she doesn’t need the lessons, you see – haha – unlike me, she knows how to draw and paint).

I jumped at this opportunity as a form of Art Therapy. A visual artist I will never be, but I can still have fun participating with pens and paint πŸ™‚

The first rendez-vous was lines.

Instructions were as follows:

‘The lines:

Lines are the alphabet of drawings.

They are varied, and full of emotions.

Draw several squares on your page,

free hand is good but a ruler is OK if you feel more comfortable using it.

Draw in each square lines.

Horizontal, vertical, oblique,
mix them together, give different spacing,
fill one or several pages with these little squares.
If your mind start wanting to draw something else in these squares, that is very good and let your hand draw free.’
So I gave it a go and here ’tis πŸ™‚ I think the result, while revealing my childlike artistic inabilities, also reveals another whole story. See, I just can’t help myself. You can attempt to analyse my ‘story in animation’ but it might be safer to just follow Benedicte’s instuctions and do some Art Therapy of your own,
Have fun!