Rays of Light

light and darkness

darkness and light

never one without the other

remember the light

light that can be hard to see

is still there to be found.

My good blog friend Stafford Ray lost his 51 year old son David last week in the worst of circumstance.

Assaulted and robbed on the streets where he lived and then (in Stafford’s own words):

‘A witness called an ambulance for David, but that is where the luck ended. Despite a bleeding head wound and, as later discovered, a brain haemorrhage, he was not examined by a doctor at the hospital, despite a wait of over three hours after which he left, probably in frustration and needing a smoke, and died in a park across the road.

The funeral is today and I send him all my best wishes and thoughts.

28 thoughts on “Thinking of you Stafford

  1. This is immeasurably sad. We are not meant to outlive our children, and to have a son die in such a tragic manner in horrendous. My heartfelt condolences go out to your friend.

  2. Thank you Gabrielle for letting us know about Stafford & his son David. All the best to Stafford & his family at this very sad time.

  3. Thanks for the lovely poem, and your concern GB, and for offering an ear when it was needed. And thank you everyone else who passed on their support here and on other blogs. Yesterday there was so much love at the service, and as IXL remarked on the way home, the room felt peaceful. It occurred to me that the only person in that room not feeling the pain was the deceased, but it was a healing pain of grief.,
    He was free of his demons at last. Not in the way we would have preferred, but at peace nevertheless.
    The beginning of emergence back into the light began for the rest of us yesterday as we paid tribute to his genius, remembered his kind and loving nature and even found some laughter when we were reminded of some funny things he used to say.

  4. It is awful that people, who are in difficult circumstances, are not treated better when they are in need of help. We have similar problems here and I would imagine in many countries world wide. Where does true humanity step in where it is needed? Thank You and my condolences to your friend.

    1. You are right, I am sure Renee – people with drug and alcohol problems are often dismissed by hospital staff and the police as just being annoying and deserving of what they get, but this attitude can easily come back to haunt them if the ‘patient’ dies from lack of due care and treatment – and as they are often physically ill from their lifestyle they are often in pain and sick for real, rather than just being intoxicated. My brother who has brain damage and is a heavy drinker with serious mental health issues went to a hospital once when bitten by a red-back spider (he was keeping it as a pet) and the staff didn’t believe him and sent him home alone, where he spent a couple of days in agony from the venom. We didn’t even know about it as he didn’t have a phone and was too sick to contact us at a public phone box.

  5. It’s awful. I am crying about it. Again. I can’t imagine Stafford’s sorrow. It’s such a violent, horrible world we live in sometimes. Just so sad. I am so sorry, Stafford xxxxx

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