It’s the second week of school holidays and not much time to myself;

so here’s another bad frog joke to keep my blog from stagnating 😉

Photo by Gabrielle Bryden


Q: Why are frogs so happy?

A: They eat whatever bugs them!


I gave you fair warning – haha 🙂

Hope everyone had a peaceful and enjoyable Easter break.

Now I better jump back into the fray. If I survive the holidays I might even write again!

26 thoughts on “School holidays

  1. You can tell the cranky ones by how fat they are 🙂 Awesome photo – it appeared full size in my notification email and it seems you are sort of reflected in his right eye and skin

    1. haha – I think that might be me bluebee – for the life of me, I can’t work out how I took that photo as the frog is climbing up the pole – that is a frog that was saved from the jaws of a snake by hubby and was a bit squished in the process – I remember taking the photos but don’t know how I got that angle.

    1. We must have a similar sense of humour – a silly one 😉 I will survive the holidays – in fact I quite enjoy the break from school stuff like homework and making lunches – just the incessant whinging that gets me down – haha

    1. bwhahahaha, gigglesnort – that is actually a good joke Stafford 😉 and this frog was swallowed by a snake (well, at least half of his body) and popped out flat, after being saved by superhero hubby with a stick and no common sense or fear.

  2. I absolutely love that photo. The frog looks so nonchalant. Very relaxed. I couldn’t resist this joke.
    A baby frog is talking to his Mum.
    BABY FROG: Who is smarter, Mum, a chicken or a frog?
    MUM FROG: A frog, of course. Have you ever heard of Kentucky Fried Frog?

    Ar ar. LOL. Tee hee. Ribbit!

    Hope you survive the hols….

    1. haha – except the frogs in France 😉 He may look relaxed that frog but he had just escaped from the jaws of a snake, so probably wasn’t – unless frogs have the memory of a gold fish. Thanks Selma – I will survive – lol

  3. That is one bad frog joke! And that’s a real bad boy frog, too! What a cutie. Your froggies are amazing. They put the Cadbury Bunny to shame for cuteness. Hope you have had a relaxing Easter holiday of fun with the kids.

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