there are no clouds
to mask the breathing space
the sun, manic and playful
holds my chin roughly
forcing my face
to the sky
look up
animate those dark eyes
break open your gaze
look up
above the grey tree line
above the uniform boxes people exist in
above the forlorn, thin wires
hanging between haggard timber poles
conducting a well worn tale
of power and currency
thin wires that
swing ever so slightly
in a quiet breeze
tinged with the residue
of a cold winter
look up
see this blue sky, so famous
this blue
will never be captured in paint
never with stage-managed words
look up
you need eyes
and a luminous heart,
to capture the real blue


A repost poem from my colour series 😉 for World Autism Awareness Day 2012 – don’t forget to light it up blue!

24 thoughts on “Blue (poem for Light it up Blue)

  1. I can’t tell you how much I love this poem, Gabrielle. It really speaks to me. I love the blue sky. I love looking up and taking in the vastness of everything. I like your image of the sun holding your chin, forcing you to look up, to take in the beauty. WOW. That is awesome. Your heart is definitely luminous. It has made my day to read this.

  2. I do love this poem, Gabe – it has so many layers of meaning to it, and such evocative images – this one is in particular

    “the forlorn, thin wires
    hanging between haggard timber poles
    conducting a well worn tale”

    Wishing the the real blue for you – bb xxx

    1. Thanks Graham – we had a half crappy and half great day – Michael wouldn’t speak to me for the first half and said he hated me because he got in trouble for being naughty; and later, after going out for lunch and playing riding the wheelbarrow with Tessa and doing some gardening, he said he had the best day – haha

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