coolandblue (haiku)

coolandblue (haiku)

warm wrap of blanket
awake to touch of autumn cool
blue sky clarity


For Selma 🙂 who knows how to balance the good with the bad!

23 thoughts on “coolandblue (haiku)

  1. This is the most beautiful thing anyone has done for me in ages, Gabrielle. I am beyond touched. I try to balance the good with the bad, I really do, as I reach for that blue sky clarity. I can’t thank you enough for this XXXX

  2. Like slpmartin, I too am always a little surprised by the reverses in our seasons. It is spring now in the USA and birds are falling in love, singing their hearts out, gathering twigs and all that. Don’t know what the bees are doing, but the birds are certainly living it up.

    Your poem and your beach picture captures a different kind of beauty, a different sort of autumn from what we know around here. It’s wonderful the various kinds of beauty conveyed by a single word.

    A fine haiku, Gabe.

    1. Thanks Aletha – our autumn has cool temperatures at night but still warm in the day (not much humidity). Some people wouldn’t think it is cool at all but for us softy types from the sub-tropics, it is cool. The skies are often blue/completely cloudless and it is wonderful. Whereas summer is usually stinking hot and about 70% plus humidity. I’m always happy when summer fades into autumn 🙂

  3. *chuckling* at your tags

    Love that photo and the crisp, clear days you’ve described so well here, Gabe the light is so vivid at this time of the year – “blue sky clarity” describes it perfectly.

  4. Your photo is perfect for your haiku, it is constructed in the same way but reverse,
    3 planes, the warm one (the blanket) at the bottom, the middle cool, and the clarity of sky at top. Superb ensemble!

    1. Thanks for pointing that out Benedicte – I hadn’t noticed but it’s true – almost makes it a haiga I suppose (I selected the photo after writing the ku this time – often I do it the other way around).

  5. okay. 3rd time trying. but i copied the second time. so here goes. . .

    aloha Gabrielle. well. i thought i had my comment issue fixed. may be this is a different glitch. i just posted a comment here and got a notice that something was “reset”. now the comment didnt show up. sheesh. i did save the ku tho. so i’ll post that and see if i can remember the rest of the comment…

    i think net communities have brought us all a little closer and given us a better knowledge of the planet we live on. northern and southern hemispheres with reversed seasons… almost as amazing as seeing Santa with snow in Hawaii. and it’s still all one planet. cool.

    balancing the good and the bad – yeah, i think one of the ways we grow is through that oscillation between our own extremes. …and as you point out it is the balance between those points that is part of the key. best balancing on to Selma.

    happy autuming on, to you Gabrielle.

    beach blanket
    the first warm touch
    of autumn


    p.s. i’m saving this entire comment. …just in case it doesnt post again. bwahahahaha… that will ensure that it does post i’m sure.

    1. hahahaha – it worked Rick (good idea to copy the comment just in case 😉 ). I love your ku – thank-ku – haha. Yes, the balance is part of the key, for sure and the pendulum swing contributes to the equilibrium or something like that.

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