World Autism Awareness Day is on the 2nd April this year and this means the ‘Light it up blue’ campaign.

Here is what Autism Awareness Australia has to say:

‘Light it up blue is a unique global initiative that sees landmarks around the world lit blue to help raise awareness about the growing public health concern that is autism. Join us in our second year of recognising this important cause, and help increase understanding and education about autism in our community.

Show your support

Join thousands of people around the world and show your support for all individuals with ASD by taking part in our Light it up blue campaign.

Visit to find out how you can show your support!

You can light your own virtual light bulb, purchase some fantastic World Autism Awareness Day products from our merchandise store and check out a list of Light it up blue events happening around Australia.

… ways you can get involved
Join our Facebook page and change your profile picture

Light your house or workplace blue on 2nd April – Or better yet for the month of April!

Wear blue on the day and ask your friends / colleagues to make a donation to suport you

Organise a ‘blue’ fundraiser at your school: blue cake stall, wearing blue to school, or even asking your school to be lit blue in April

Purchase our World Autism Awareness Day merchandise and wear it or display it proudly all month!

Tell your friends, family and local politicians all about World Autism Awareness Day and why it is important to you!

Promote our ‘Light it up blue’ campaign on your Facebook and Twitter pages and update them regularly on what’s happening

Join our Light it up blue campaign to show your support for all Australians with autism and the families who love them.’


Spread the word and light it up blue 🙂

ps. the virtual lightbulbs are pretty cool

25 thoughts on “‘Light it up blue’ for Autism Awareness (2012)

    1. Thanks cheerleader Selma 🙂 Now I better remember to buy some blue bulbs (the ones I got last year were hopeless – not bright enough – this year, I think party lights are in order).

  1. Rosenberg Shoes (Where large feet are spolit for choice) on Chapel Street in Windsor, Victoria, is donating 5% of all sales on Monday 2 April 2012 to Autism Awareness Australia to support this great cause.

    1. That’s awesome Jodie. Hope people support your store (now I feel like buying some shoes – my feet aren’t big enough for your shoes – looking at your website I can smell the leather 😉 ) #lovelyshoes

  2. I cant believe it’s been a whole year already since the last campaign day! Time us flying past

    My iPad won’t let me see the website, so I’ll light a virtual lightbulb (sounds intriguing) from my laptop tomorrow

    1. Time is flying – though there are a number of different campaigns, so you might be thinking of one of the others bb (and then it would be less than a year – haha). The virtual lightbulbs make a zapping sound 🙂

  3. Hello hello after soo long!
    This sounds like a great raising awareness action. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.
    On a side note—There is a new tv show airing in America titled “touch”—now it’s still not entirely clearly if the child is autistic –or if something entirely different is going on with him–but–it is still very interesting for highlightling and raising child issues on main stream televsion here. If you’re interested I think the pilot and first episode can be found on

    1. Hi there 47whitebuffalo – thanks for the info on the show (I’ll have a look) – it is becoming much more common to have autistic characters on tv these days – there is an English show called Doc Martin where the main character has aspergers and Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory obviously has ASD (apparently aspies love that show). Some of the crime show detectives are on the spectrum. There have been a few movies too, recently, with autistic children and adults. Probably one of the best way to raise awareness is through popular media like tv and movies.

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