Guest blogger – Hawaiian artist Rick Daddario

Guest blogger – Hawaiian artist Rick Daddario

Guest blogger – Hawaiian artist Rick Daddario

Today I would like to introduce you to a wonderfully creative blogger Rick Daddario who resides in Hawaii (lucky him πŸ™‚ ). He is a visual artist, photographer and poet who blogs at 19 Planets Art Blog.

His work ranges from drawings, watercolours, acrylics, sketches, mixed media, digital drawings and paintings, digital mixed media collage, photographs and altered photographs, haiku and haiga ( ie., combination of image and haiku), mail art or postal art.

I am a big fan of his blog and find his work calming and meditative, with a focus on seasonal changes, nature, observation and simplicity. His blog is like a resting place next to a clear, serene pond with beautiful water lilies for company.

I asked Rick my usual two questions for guest bloggers:

Why do you blog? What do you like best about blogging?

Here is Rick’s response:

Rick Daddario

Why do you blog?

Until you asked, I don’t think I’d really asked myself this question. Maybe the answer to the follow up question will help?

What do you like best about blogging?


Ten things I like best about blogging:

Liking something best is hard – because one day (one moment) it might be one thing and the next day it’s two other things. So ten things I like about blogging:

1. Most artists I know like to see/understand how people respond to their work. I’m like that. Blogging helps me to know how people respond to my work without the stress of “showing” – as in a Gallery setting or selling, although I like to do both of these at times too. Blogging allows me to show my art; Visual Art (maybe I should include flash writing too) to people related to my field as well as those interested in what I do. Knowing I have a place where people can find and look at my work is one of the things I like about blogging.

2. I also like the interaction that can occur. Something I do may excite someone else to do something of his or her own. I like that. Seeing what others do can have the same effect on me. I like that kind of exchange.

3. There is also the idea of connecting around the planet. Being in contact with people from all over this planet appeals to me. Maybe it’s the sense that we are all one, that is most often reinforced through this connection, that I like. May be it’s the sense that the world is a big and amazing place with a lot of different points of views and ways of seeing/living on earth that excites me about this connecting. Connections – yeah, I like that about blogging.

4. Seeing my work outside of the environment where it is created helps me to take a more critical look at what I’m doing. Blogging is one of the ways I can do this.

5. Blogging is an easily approachable structure that facilitates collaboration. I like working on collaborative works and/or projects. By blogging I can often pick and choose projects and collaborators for future work – or others can pick and choose me if what I do appeals to them. I like when someone approaches me with ideas and possibilities in this way.

6. I also like when people ask questions. Sometimes responding to a question is a good way for me to know myself – what I think, or how I might do something. It helps me to explore my world – my knowledge, thoughts, work process etc. I often find out what I actually think when I respond to a comment. I like that.

7. I also like when people tell me what my work brings up for them, what it makes them think of – a memory, or an idea, or something they’ve thought of because of what they see in my work – how my work might connect to them.

8. Eventually (soon I hope – which I’ve been saying for a long time) I’d like to link my blog up to what I’m thinking of as an Access Gallery – a way I can post work in different formats for affordable purchase. I’d like to integrate my blog into part of that process although not as a predominant component because I don’t want to get trapped into making what I think might sell. I like this idea and the web and blogging seem to me to be an easy and informal way of approaching this.

9. I think blogging also helps me stay on track creating. I find what I like to do and I do that. My interests change, as long as I keep going where my interest is, I know I’ll want to keep exploring my creating process. The blog allows me to do this in my own way because I’m not required to blog under a predetermined condition or constraint. I like that freedom. Free to be myself – blogging allows me to do that.

10. Yeah, too, I think I have found some great friends through blogging, as well as co-workers, collaborators, peers – and teachers – and those who can teach me too. Blogging allows me to see that there are a lot of terrific people in the world – I like that.

I’m sure there are more things I like about blogging. As soon as I think I’ve said the main things I like best, I seem to think of something else I like about blogging. As you know, I am quite capable of rambling on and on until I get to some place or thing that I like. It seems to me the reason I blog is somewhere within these things I like about blogging. When blogging is no longer fun, I’ll probably stop blogging. Oh, yeah, another thing I like about blogging – it’s fun.

May be that’s the reason I blog – it’s fun.


It is fun Rick – thank you πŸ™‚

49 thoughts on “Guest blogger – Hawaiian artist Rick Daddario

    1. aloha Martin – i’m delighted you enjoyed it. thank you. (just so you know – WP seems to be having some issues with comments right now. so if you tried to leave one on my blog and it didnt show up – that is probably what has happened. – even so, thanks for the visit – and no worries if you didnt leave a comment either). aloha.

  1. I have always like to read Rick , he explains and details very well.
    I have suscribed to his blog and I receive his posts by e-mail like postcards from a friend, beautiful and good words.
    And I agree whith his views on blogging,
    good to see you on Gabrielle’s blog, Rick, she is wonderful in making us discover interesting bloggers,
    bravo Γ  tous les deux.

    1. aloha Benedicte – cool and thank you. yeah, i can get lost in detail. …of course… i find that fun too.

      it’s nice to be here. i seem to be coming out of my “hybernation” time a little slower this year. …altho may be i’m just putting too many things on my plate and i cant get to them all. . . ha.

      yes, too, Gabrielle, i agree with Benedicte – you are excellent in your gifting to others – as well as patient. way cool on that and thank you too.

      …and… just so you know Benedicte. i tried leaving a comment on your blog. i seem to be having difficulty doing that – in some cases. so i’ll wait to comment more (i did see more i wanted to comment on) until WP gets this commenting issue unraveled.

      in the mean time – might as well have fun, yes. …or at least paint a song or three… aloha.

    1. aloha Gnunn – thank you. i was delighted when Gabrielle chose that first image. sometimes having fun breaks open new frontiers. i think that work opened up or was part of some new territory for me – which i like a lot. aloha.

  2. Aloha Gabrielle and all. this is actually just a test comment. I’m having difficulty leaving comments on other blogs. it seems this is a big problem for a lot of bloggers and has been going on since about March 15th as near as i can tell. so if i can not get this to post i will wait to comment further…

    on the other hand – wow – Gabrielle – it looks great thank you. …fun. aloha.

      1. hahaha – this comment stuff is psycho – your pingback got spammed but your comments didn’t (go figure) – maybe it’s some wordpress troll just having some malicious fun!

        1. aloha Gabrielle. finally. today. i think i have the comment-going-into-the-spam-box figured out and maybe resolved.

          so now i have some catching up to do. again. bwahahaha – life is like that sometimes, yes.

          …might as well dance to the laughter. i am having fun with the interview comments. …even if i am getting to them late. . . sheesh. fun on. aloha.

    1. aloha Kateshrewsday – earth is fun. …that being one of the 19 planets i seem to be on most of the time. . . well… some of the time at least.

      i’m glad you enjoyed the interview. i hope your investigation was fun. aloha.

  3. “May be it’s the sense that world is a big and amazing place with a lot of different points of views and ways of seeing/living on earth ….” Well said, Rick. Blogging is kind of like a big open door for vicarious travel. Aloha!

    And thank you and aloha, Gabe, for another intriguing interview.

    1. It is a good point that Rick makes Aletha and one which I should think about more (tend to get stuck in tunnel vision sometimes). I love the way a blog can have visitors from all over the world too – it just amazes me (still). Here’s too vicarious travelling πŸ™‚

      1. aloha Alethakuschan – thank you. i like your “big open door for vicarious travel” blog. it’s fun to travel when the guides who show you places know the place because they are there. …whether it is a physical place or an inner world – images or words – or both or all of the above… yeah, i like that. fun. aloha.

  4. I’m already a fan of Rick’s artwork and haiga, so it’s great to get to know him better here. I can relate to No.2 very well as I often get inspired by others’ work and they open up new ideas in my head. And the connection, of course.

    1. aloha Asni – that is one of the most amazing aspects of our “new” technology world (imo). the way we can be in contact with people from all parts of the world who inspire us and seem to speak directly to or sensibilities. yeah, i like that too, thanks for coming over to read and comment. way fun to see you here. aloha.

  5. there’s dada in daddario, as well as the deliciousness of vision and a wonderful humor.
    thanx for this really cool interview, twas uplifting and very good too!

    1. bwahahaha – aloha Tipota – yeah, i’ve always like Dadaism. fur lined spoons – what’s not to like about that kind of mind? fun. of course it may also have something to do with the name link i suppose… hmmm… now that brings up an interesting thought… visual. i wonder… bwahahaha. now you have me thinking… one more idea to explore – cool. and thank you and you are welcome of course too. aloha.

    1. aloha slpmartin – thanks for stopping over on my blog. and thank you again Garbielle for the introduction to so many readers of your blog. it is an amazing place this planet. aloha to you both.

    1. aloha NIgel – i’m delighted that you enjoyed the interview. knowing our self is a life long challenge i suspect. partly i think we are very elusive creatures in many ways. …and partly because i think we are always changing. it becomes a constant surprise to me to find out – oh, i’m like this now (sometimes “heck, when did that happen” follows that discovery too). so this blogging/commenting/responding is often a surprise – and a lot like looking into a word mirror to the self as well.. cool on that – aloha.

  6. Aloha, Rick, great interview! Gabrielle sums it up perfectly when she says your blog is like a resting place next to a serene pond. I know how i look forward to it in my daily mail! And thanks Gabrielle for bringing us this interview with a wonderful artist!

      1. bwahahaha – R.D. Visuals and Writings as prescription. now there is a dose and a half… …full… of.. unstressingness, ha. cool. okay, i better see if i can get this prescription filled for myself. ha. fun Gabrielle. aloha.

    1. aloha Sanjukta A. – cool, i’m glad you liked the interview – and way cool seeing you here.

      you know… it had never occurred to me that people saw my blog that way. Gabrielle’s words surprised me when i read them. i have to say i like that. now i’m wondering. . . i think we often have undercurrents running right along with our surface that we may not even be aware of at times. if this is one of those, i’m glad it’s there.

      i’m delighted to know you enjoy my posts in the mail. …something else i had not really thought about either. cool on that. ha, i’m getting a lot more out of this interview after i thought i’d finished it than i realized i would. way cool on that. and fun too. aloha.

  7. Thanks so much for sharing this was all of us who visit your site. Rick sounds like a totally gifted artist and writer. I will have to visit his site and see more.

    1. aloha Renee – thank you for the visit. i think i am the fortunate one to have been given the opportunity to meet so many of Gabrielle’s readers here. wait cool to meet you Renee, i hope you had fun visiting my site. aloha.

  8. I started reading Rick’s blog because of you, Gabe, and I love it. Like you I find it to be quite soothing (the colours are glorious) and very uplifting. He is extremely talented.

    1. aloha Selma – thank you. i’m glad you enjoy my site (and another thank you to Gabrielle too). i’m delighted that you find it soothing – i like that it has that effect on people. …as well as uplifting.

      it’s fun to explore – both in my work and by meeting people. i think all of our experiences this way contribute to who we are and what we become. cool on that. cool on continuing to explore though our work too. aloha.

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