Humans – get over yourselves

Humans – get over yourselves

Humans are the world’s most destructive predator.

Photo by Michael Bryden

stay away from me
defensive stance of the crab
fear is justified

34 thoughts on “Humans – get over yourselves

    1. yes, and that is the problem Stafford (if I get your gist) – the separateness of humans from other animals is a fallacy and just because we are head of the pack now, doesn’t mean it will stay that way forever (I wonder what will be the new apex predator – crocodiles, cockroaches, sharks, camels – in our warmer world.).

    1. not much Juliet – I think we just pretend to be civilised but really we have not evolved one iota since caveman days (in fact the caveman was probably more civilised than the current bunch of humans – not us of course – haha)

  1. “humans-get over yourselves” – cracked me up gabrielle. if we humans could take more time out to SEE…we might SEE and if we did SEE we might SEE clearly
    which in a peculiar way seems hopeful. you know, creatures do have their ways of
    forcing the issue – if you look into them, you can SEE we are all the same – defensive, offensive, etc etc. sigh, i guess we arent as evolved as we think perhaps….

    1. haha – thanks tipota 🙂 Many humans refuse to see because to see means that things must change and people don’t like change. The people that can see are often ignored by those who don’t want change; and openly targeted and vilified by those with a vested interest in the way things are and profits at all costs (and they have the money to influence people who don’t really understand the issues). We need to stop thinking that animals are a just a product in a free market economy, for our food, entertainment, therapy, transport, medicine etc.,

  2. Since we are not separate from the other creatures, and we are part of nature, then the fullness of human experience, it’s positives and negatives, are expressions of nature too. And so it is very mysterious. It is a serious conundrum. The meaning of nature is not something that we can thoroughly understand either, because we are inside it and part of it. For me, that means trusting something that I cannot understand. I am very willing to trust the Universe. I do because my consciousness only exists as a part of all this. I take the ying and yang of it not only because I must, but because I cannot believe that I could ever be “outside” of nature enough even to comprehend it. And the shape of a human span is part of the everything: that one must be born, be a child, later a youth, grow into an adult, age, become someday even elderly and in these changes learn what the whole span of human life means as experienced from inside. IAnd since we are part, then even what we do is part. Human history, human action is part of nature too. And this quality of our thought that asserts meaning, right or wrong, all that is also the expression of nature through the human being.

    Humans are also creatures.

    The crab has a defensive posture, but so do we. And most notably we did not invent it — we do not invent our behavior but instead “discover” it. And to discover your own life is such an amazing thing. So I don’t think we can adequately admire the other animals without this admiration for human society. The spider has its web, and the human creates meaning, and both are stunning, marvelous and incomprehensible events.

    1. Very uplifting words Aletha – thank you for such a wonderful and philosophical comment (5/5 for you 🙂 ). I agree there are marvelous things about humans (I love many of them) and other animals; there are also many horrible things about humans and other animals. A world without humans would be a dog eat dog world (pardon the pun) and ‘uncivilised’ to an extent. Maybe the next apex predator (if we become extinct) will be just as greedy and power hungry (for as they say ‘power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely) and by definition the apex predator is the one with all the power. Maybe humans will evolve to be more civilised and there will be less war, child abuse, corruption, destruction of the environment, bigotry, prejudice, and dictatorial practices.

  3. Excellent shot. I really love it. Michael is going to be a pro photographer. I just know it.

    I really like Aletha’s point about not being able to adequately admire other animals without first admiring human society. I think that’s very true. There are so many flawed, messed up humans who do horrible things to others and to the planet, but there are many, many others who try and make a difference. I admire those people. I admire you and all your readers for your passion and intelligence. And for caring. That’s the all important point for me. As long as some of us still care we still have a chance.

    Fear well and truly is justified but as long as it transforms itself into courage we are still in the game for now. Until the kraken rises up from the sea and swallows us all……

    Love this post, Gabe. You got me thinking…..

    1. Thanks Selma 🙂 I will tell Michael his photo is a hit! Aletha does make a wonderful and valid point, as do you – and I agree with both of you. The fear I was referring to is the fear that the crab would be feeling (and other animals) not the humans and it’s hard to be courageousj if you may about to be going into a pot of boiling hot water 😉

  4. Is there some kind of …clause in the blogging manifesto that says you have to be …crabby about the state of the world.
    It seems that negativity is …king in the blog world of …hermits and misfits like myself. Maybe we should look over the door and see if our …horseshoes
    have turned over.Anyway it’s good to have …chums across the ocean.

    1. hahaha – crabby indeed 🙂 I like to think that some of my posts come from the lighter side (see coolandblue for instance) – can’t help it if humans keep stuffing up things 😉

  5. There’s a lot to get over … perhaps getting under is better notion? Thinking of crabs .. .behind is the better option … so … getting under and behind? I’ll stop now.

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