Ghosts of Boggo Road Gaol

spirits released on execution
(hanging from the gallows beam)
souls rising with the slashing of the throats
(payback time in the prison heirarchy)
ghouls let loose after suicide
(despair in the dark of brick walls and cold sweat)
spectres emerging with death from old age
(lifers lament)

ghosts united
in an eternity
behind bars


You might see some on a Boggo Road Gaol Ghost Tour šŸ˜‰

20 thoughts on “Ghosts of Boggo Road Gaol

  1. I saw a show about it and it was creepy. I agree with Colonialist – it is a doleful thought that they might be bound there for eternity. I wouldn’t like to go there at night šŸ˜Æ

  2. Still a haunting place… some of the graffiti in the cells is harrowing. Saw Rose Tattoo and the Divinyls play there in the early 90’s. A show that will stay with me forever.

  3. “(despair in the dark of brick walls and cold sweat)” – that captures the essence of these institutions – I reckon just as horrific today from a mental perspective. Great ghoulish, sinister poem, Gabe

  4. Great scary poem Gabrielle! I went on a night tour of Boggo Road Jail once (I think they still do them), and it was definitely a bit creepy in some parts … you’ve reminded me of that.

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