Aspies Rock

Aspies Rock

Aspie’s Rock

People with Asperger Syndrome often call themselves aspies.

Aspies mostly call people who are not on the autism spectrum – neurotypicals. I nearly choked on my Weet-Bix when I heard that expression for the first time ;).

There is a theory (promulgated by aspies I should think) that people with Asperger’s Syndrome are higher up the evolutionary ladder than the rest of us. I don’t know about the scientific basis for that theory  🙂 but there are certainly many wonderful things about aspies.

Including the following:

Lateral thinkers (the inventors of the world)
Genuinely goodhearted
Unique sense of humour
Persistent (they will solve the problems of the world)
Determined (they will keep going when others give up)
Creative (some have outstanding artistic, musical and other talents)
Great attention to detail and can spot mistakes others may not notice (make great editors)
Super senses (wine connoisseurs and perfume makers of the world )
Strong sense of social justice (make good policemen, judges)
Direct, honest and speak their mind
Strive for perfection
Can list large amounts of factual information
Strong desire to seek knowledge (great on game shows and trivia nights)
Extremely knowledgeable on topics of interest (the trainspotters, collectors of the world)
Visual thinkers (make great surveyors, architects and engineers)
Exceptional long-term memory
Logical thinkers (the computer programmers of the world)
Great desire for fairness
Great respect for rules
Dedicated to special interests (many aspies reach the top of their chosen career because of their single minded dedication to an area of interest)


Endless potential

and the list goes on …

I know and love quite a few aspies and I think they rock!


Note: This is a celebration of International Asperger Day 2012

21 thoughts on “Aspies Rock

    1. I don’t think much of the article squirrel – it is badly argued and written, makes no reference to statistics, and has a number of errors. People have been wrongly diagnosed (happens with all diagnoses) and people with ASD were often diagnosed with schizophrenia in the early days. I am sure some aspies are wrongly diagnosed and maybe should have a social disorder diagnosis, and on the other hand some aspies won’t need a diagnosis because it is a continuum of severity and some will have no need for intervention – many just need people to be less judgemental. The general public might inappropriately label your average person as ‘a bit aspie’ but that is irrelevant an argument for what professionals do (lots of people label others as psychos, nutters etc;, and it doesn’t mean they are right – just judgemental and prone to jumping to conclusions). Many aspies hold down jobs and are very good at their jobs (so the reference in the article to the aspie not being able to be a police officer is wrong – aspies can make great police officers, with their sense of right and wrong.). I do think the PDD-NOS label could catch some people who are not really ASD. Hopefully the new DSM will clarify the assessment criteria (currently they are going to remove the asperger title and just have autism on a continuum – but this is already creating controversy).

  1. They make the world a better and definitely a more interesting place. All those neurotypicals are just so boring. *Yawn* An excellent and inspiring list, Gabe!

  2. They do 🙂 Life in an Aspie family is incredible. The horizon is much broader than one could ever imagine. Loving this series, and thank you for that wonderful radio link, Gabrielle. It has helped us put two and two together 🙂

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