Found out about this great opportunity for a school student to be a Poet Laureate 🙂

How much fun would that be!

Here are the details from the Australian Poetry website.

‘Australian Poetry has initiated a School Poet Laureate Program which offers students the opportunity to be a Poet Laureate in their school. Responsibilities of a Laureate include liaising with a teacher at the school, other students and peers and Australian Poetry in regard to poetry-related activities happening in the school and asking Australian Poetry for opportunities which benefit the school and students.

The benefits for the Laureate are they are provided with leadership responsibility, connection to Australian Poetry, leading poets and poetry organisations as well as opportunities for publishing, work placement options, readings and personal and professional growth in the area of literature and the arts.

For more information, contact Australian Poetry at or by calling the office on 03 9094 7828.’


On an almost unrelated note, my 9 year old girl Tessa recently drew a series of cartoons for her imaginary world called ‘Tessa Landers’.

She bought one cartoon to my attention (while trying not to giggle).

It was a cartoon of two vikings.

One viking is holding up a long sheet of paper (Tessa informs me it is a poem).

The viking is reading the poem to the other viking.

The other viking has a thought balloon rising above his horned hat.

In the thought balloon are ZZZ’s.

Yes, the 2nd viking is bored out of his brain with the poetry reading.

Very funny Tessa (I am not amused, said Mum, while pulling the dagger from her broken heart 😉 )

So looks like Tessa won’t be interested in being a School Poet Laureate!