Zombie shuffle

Zombie shuffle

Photo by Tessa Bryden

Zombie shuffle

I’m doing the zombie shuffle
my mind in a tad of a muffle
my thoughts in a bit of a funk
my limbs limp and starting to clunk
my eyelids are heavy and closing
my eyeballs are dry and near dozing
my brain in a lazy day haze
my ideas stuck in malaise
my feet drag and shamble and scuffle
I’m doing the zombie shuffle


32 thoughts on “Zombie shuffle

    1. hahaha – that photo was taken by one of the kids (I will ask them which one when they get back from school and will put their name under the photo – I forgot) – glad your dog liked the photo – haha 🙂

  1. Now I know what the mischief is that interferes with my usually energetic disposition — the zombie shuffle! Is the dance my brain does during those times when I cannot get the thoughts to come out! (I know you’re in there! Thoughts, oh thoughts come out if you can …!)

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