17 thoughts on “Boxing Kangaroos

    1. It is not your average viewing Charles – this doesn’t happen too regularly in the front of the house (thank goodness, because they make quite a racket, especially at night – grunting and coughing) – maybe once or twice a year.

  1. I may have told you this before, but I was attacked by a big Eastern Grey a few years ago and bear the scars. I can tell you the ‘boxing’ moves are attempts to grab the opponent’s head. If that succeeds the next move is to rip the belly open with a big toenail. Some of the displays we see are ‘sparring’, not serious attempts to disable a rival but I advise anyone to keep well clear when big males are vying to be top roo!

    1. Yes, I do remember that story you told us Stafford 🙂 I wouldn’t go close to them, that’s for sure – we were safe where we were. People have been hurt in the town (very rarely) by fighting kangaroos – one sparring pair of kangaroos burst through an elderly man’s front door one night and there was blood everywhere (it was in the papers).

  2. I still love this video and remain jealous that you have kangaroos in your neighbourhood. The closest I come is that plaster one in my neighbour Edna’s garden, all weater-beaten and leaning to the left. LOL. Love the kangas!!!

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