When the rain is no longer a friend

Remember the days when the sturdy rain
fell on corrugated roof, and made you slumber
as a baby in the womb, comforting heartbeat
brushstrokes washing dirt away and closing
eyelids secure in the familiarity of a friend.

Now clatter of heavy rain reverberates
into stomach cavity, tightening chest and skull,
returning to those days, when the black water
slid into the house – uninvited serpentine
intruder with rain as his willing comrade.


Note: There has been some more flooding in Queensland in recent weeks, thankfully not around here, but in Western and South Western Queensland and othe parts. There is also severe flooding in parts of NSW  as we’ speak’.  My thoughts are with everyone in flood affected areas of Australia, particularly those who have been flooded more than once. I can’t imagine how depressing that would be.