Emu by Gabrielle Bryden

In the wilds of Woodgate

Garrulous goanna canters
the perimeter of fence,
with a predators glare.

Gigantic spiders stalk
silently up high, waiting
to parachute the unsuspecting.

Brazen bull sharks close to shore
after rain, raise adrenaline
with water slicing fins.

Boxing kangaroos spar
for the girls, grunting,
showing off like Muhammad Ali.

Snakes from the shadows
appear with fangs at the ready,
like Dracula with a raging thirst.

Emus surprise with in your face attitude
and a Jackie Chan kick,
that could do your head in.

How about a day release
from heaven, Steve Irwin?
I need to borrow a crocodile hunter.

Boxing Kangaroos by Gabrielle Bryden
Goanna by Gabrielle Bryden

32 thoughts on “In the wilds of Woodgate

  1. On this rainy day in paradise, what does one do but have the computer on and what do we get? Two Brydens in one day. And this stanza is about as good as it gets!

    ‘Garrulous goannas canter
    the perimeter of fence,
    with a predators glare’

    …and I doubt that wagtail is as safe as it thinks. Cheeky little bugger!
    BTW, as you live so close to Frazer, maybe you should know there are notices warning one to beware of crocodiles!

    1. It really is quite safe if you stay in the house 😉 though the goannas, snakes, spiders were in the vicinity of the house; and before we put up a big fence the kangaroos were in the back garden. I am also prone to exaggeration 😉

  2. Love the poem and the pics. Boxing kangaroos indeed – that I would love to see. When I lived in KwazuluNatal we had a few legavaans in the area and they just ambled across the roads. I heard that their tails could be lethal. My dogs once cornered one in our outbuildings and I had to call them away so that it could make its escape. Needless to say it never came back!

    1. Thankyou. I have a video of the boxing kangaroos – I’ll post that again 🙂 It gets a bit scary because they are usually fighting over females and nothing gets in there way – they make the most loud and scary noises (grunting, coughing). I am sure you would have lots of dangerous critters in your neck of the woods adeeyoyo.

  3. Wonderful writing. Very alliterative and textured, such as “Brazen bull sharks close to shore/after rain, raise adrenaline.”

    Ooh, but there’s more scary Australian spiders! Even way over here, they are still sooo scary!!

    Teddy bear, Teddy Bear, where are you? (I need a hug.) Tell me that these spiders cannot swim … and that they cannot find their way to the United States!

    1. It is the same spider Aletha and they can’t swim – I have combined all my critter close-ups from the last 3-4 years into the one slightly exaggerated poem (the snake was not showing off his fangs that’s for sure) for effect – haha – it makes the place sound really scary but it is quite safe usually (though those sharks scare the hell out of me) 🙂

  4. Love your work Gabrielle … and I do love seeing pictures of all that wonderful wildlife. I’ve always had a fascination with sharks, but they scare the bejesus out of me! 😉

  5. Hahaha – fantastically frightening and illustrated with great photos – the emu is excellent! It is a veritable jungle up there – no need to sleep for nightmares 😉
    I love it, and the emu stanza most of all

    1. Thanks bluebee 🙂 that emu was just staring over our fence one day for about 10 minutes – they are very curious creatures and will come over to check something out – there not scared of much.

      1. A friend of a friend had a beach house there so, funnily enough, my friends and I went there for Schoolies (to escape the Gold Coast), and I liked it so much I’ve been back a couple of times since. Stayed in a haunted house last time.

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