Desk Treasures

Artist Rick Daddario from Hawaii has created a haiga (ie., ‘image with haiku as one work’) over at his blog that conjures up images about treasures found in a school desk.

This got me reminiscing about the things I used to keep in my school desk.

When I was a kid the desks were wooden two seaters. I loved those desks.

In primary school I had a collection of teeth (my own) – the tooth fairy must have forgotten to take some πŸ˜‰

I kept a few of these teeth in my desk, as you do. The teacher opened my desk one day and on seeing the pearly whites, groaned!

I had a thing about teeth (still do in fact) – my collection is quite large now (I’ve struck a deal with the kids tooth fairy).

I also had a really cool ruler that had a knife hidden inside it (a letter opener) – still have that as well. Mum bought it from a second-hand shop somewhere and gave it to me (or maybe I borrowed it πŸ˜‰ ). No-one at school ever saw what was inside the ruler – just as well, I might have got in trouble (never thought about that at the time).

Throughout my school years the contents changed regularly but the desk always held an attraction as a place for hidden treasure.

Did you have anything exciting in your desk at school?