Wow, that citrus fiesta was fun!

Thanks everyone who participated and everyone in the audience.

What a talented bunch of citrus fanatics from so many places around the world.

Gabe xo

ps. I hope I didn’t forget anyone (my email intray is a disaster waiting to happen)

pps. If you still have something citrussy you want to post, I can always do a postscript.

pps. Will definitely do that again (any ideas for themes would be apreciated 😉

Now on a completely different note, here is some information about the up-and-coming Aspergers Services Australia conference which is being held in Brisbane.

ASA 2nd National Conference
16 to 18 February 2012

Living Side by Side – Connecting with people on the Autism Spectrum

Sponsored by
Dept of FaHCSIA
Nova Employment
Cross+Hamilton Printers

Keynote Speakers

Prof Tony Attwood (Qld)
Dr Michelle Garnett (Qld)
Dr Wendy Lawson (VIC)
Ms Katharine Annear (SA)
Dr Lisa-ann Gershwin (TAS)

31 January 2012
Asperger Services Australia Ltd has received a small amount of funding from FaCHSIA
through the National Disability Conference Initiative to financially support people to attend the conference.
If you are a person on the Disability Pension or are unemployed
please contact the office for more details.
Email or phone us asap.

ASA 2nd National Conference 2012 is the second event of this kind to take place in Australia with more than 500 people expected to participate. The three day National Conference will include an ASD servies EXPO and will be held at the Bardon Conference Centre, 390 Simpsons Road, Bardon (Brisbane, Queensland) from Thursday 16th February to 18th February 2012. This event includes the International Asperger Day (Sat 18th Feb).

This year’s theme “Living side by side, connecting with people on the Autism Spectrum” will provide a unique opportunity for presenters with an Autism Spectrum to have their voice heard, exchange their views, support, and share their experiences. 2012 will see a greater understanding of Autism Spectrum Condition, a better understanding of the unique skills and benefits that people on the Spectrum can bring to their community. It is only through continual improvement in awareness that people on the Spectrum can have greater access to services, care and support they want and need.

We would like to invite you to join us at this special event.