Citrus Fiesta (artist Rick Daddario)

Citrus Fiesta (artist Rick Daddario)


Rick Daddario is a photographer, artist and poet from Hawaii who blogs at A 19 Planets Art Blog.

He is one of my favourite bloggers and the most wonderful creater of haiku, haiga and postcard art.

He will be guest blogging sometime soon (after he comes out of hibernation) so I won’t give too much away.

Thanks Rick

Aloha 🙂

16 thoughts on “Citrus Fiesta (artist Rick Daddario)

  1. Note from Rick:
    #1 and #2 are digital drawing and painting from 2007. they were for a greeting card – outside front and inside.

    #3 – Lime Blossom – 2011 – is an ink drawing and water-brush work.

    #4 – Grapefruit and Leaves – 2011 – an ink drawing altered with digital drawing and painting

    #5 – Grapefuit on the Table – 2011 – ink drawing and water-brush.

    1. Thank You, Gabrielle – i’m honored to be among your great Citrus Fiesta artists posts. this is way fun. a couple of days ago i noticed the lime tree is beginning to blossom again – so is the grapefruit tree (i followed a butterfly to the blossoms). makes me want to go draw.

      lime blossom
      i wonder if there is room
      in my pocket

      heck, that ku is aching to become haiga, yes? bwahahahaha – mahalo again – aloha – rick

      1. haha – love that ku (can’t wait for the haiga) – your pockets do seem to carry a lot of stuff (pocket poems etc.,) – like a school kid 😉 I have a small lime tree in a pot with 2 fruit on it (it’s only young) – I might put it in the ground so it can grow better!

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