Citrus Fiesta (artist Aletha Kuschan)

Citrus Fiesta (artist Aletha Kuschan)

photo by Aletha Kuschan

Artist Aletha Kuschan from a place near Washington DC (location top secret πŸ˜‰ ) has begun work on some citrus paintings over at her art and writing blog for the citrus fiesta.

Here is a photo she has been working from and one of her paintings. You can find more citrus pictures at her blog.

She has this to say about the above drawing:

‘this drawing made using watercolor pencils.Β  I am searching for the edges of things.Β  Trying to find the character of these patient fruit that sit here β€œlooking” at me.Β  They’re all so dignified.Β  Wish I could get to the essence of their gravitas.Β  The shadows are deepening.Β  Not a quality to be well captured by watercolor pencils.’

Aletha’s blog is full of her own art plus wonderful writing on the artistic process, liberally sprinkled with philosophical musings on life.

Thanks Aletha for jumping into the citrus fiesta (I know how busy you are at the moment).

Big hugs from Australia πŸ™‚

22 thoughts on “Citrus Fiesta (artist Aletha Kuschan)

  1. it’s got it aletha, just seeing how the medium can be stretched is too cool, and they are very dignified but not at all stiff, really lovely (still on the bc btw) glad you’re too busy right now

  2. It’s fascinating to get an insight into the mind of the artist and how you see your subject, Aletha. You “see” at so many levels what many of us don’t – definitely an art

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