Picture by opoetoo

Yellow ode / song of the lemonhearted

Contort my tongue in pressure points
Soon to come undone
To push my teeth right to the edge
And fall into the sun

Bring them back a smokin’
Bleached white like desert bones
Dry and tart and squeaking clean
Seeds of rebirth sown

Let my mouth remember
Every bitter thing
Let my heart soon forget
Every bitter thing


I was very happy to receive a ‘hat full of lemons in hand’ from an old blogging poet friend of mine. He disappeared from the blogosphere completely one day (we’ve all thought of doing it, but he actually took the plunge) and I have wondered about him ever since.

You may remember him as opoetoo πŸ˜‰ He has started to blog again over here.

Thanks Mark πŸ™‚

22 thoughts on “Citrus Fiesta (opoetoo)

  1. If only the mouth would remember and the heart would forget – love the images in this poem (lemonhearted :)) and the sentiments expressed in the last stanza

    1. I think you understood the last part better than I did but I am not bitter or sour :).
      There has been some controversy over the question -are lemons sour or bitter.
      Ultimately it was decided that they are bitter because oranges are more popular. πŸ™‚

  2. This is FAB. From the title –
    ‘Song of the lemon-hearted’ to the wonderful image of “Bleached white like desert bones” and then letting the mouth remembering every bitter thing and the heart forgetting. LOVE!!

    1. I love those Georgia O’Keefe cow skulls with roses on them. I wish she had done one with a lemon.
      then it would be a lemon head and become a desert dessert.
      I am very happy that you all liked it .

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