Orange and Chocolate (Renee Espriu)

Orange and Chocolate (Renee Espriu)

The citrus fiesta continues 🙂

Orange and Chocolate

 Orange chocolate
visual delights to
alter your taste buds
with every bite a
citrus and cocoa
phenomenal sight


© January 2012

Renee Espriu

This poem is from blogger Renee Espriu (and she found the photo at free wallpaper). She blogs ‘creative prose, poetry and short stories’ at renee just turtle flight.

Thanks Renee

Orange and chocolate – yummo (as Jamie Oliver would say ‘best friends’) 😉

12 thoughts on “Orange and Chocolate (Renee Espriu)

  1. Just lovely! Chocolate and orange are a particular favourite combination of mine! 🙂
    (though chocolate with everything works well for me). 😉

    PS. Gabrielle, I’m loving the Citrus fiesta!

    1. Chocolate and orange is an inspired combination of flavours (first there was jaffas and then …) – hahaha – chocolate does go with a lot of things doesn’t it Tracey 🙂 and by itself. Glad you are enjoying the citrus fiesta.

  2. Orange and chocolate is one of those magical coming togethers that can change your life for good. The tang of the citrus, the velvet depth of the chocolate – I could pass out from drooling just thinking about it. Mmmmmmm….

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