9 thoughts on “The Young Ones – Lentils

    1. My hubby got the complete dvd collection for Chrissy and has been watching it continuously – haha – The Young Ones is like a cult comedy and everyone I knew watched it when it was on – there’s nothing like it – hilarious stuff! Thanks Kate (I know it is not everyone’s cup of tea 😉 )

  1. The Young Ones are still funny today. They WERE ahead of their time. A lot of the time it was just total mayhem. Exceptionally clever. Alexei Sayle as the landlord always cracked me up. I loved Viv and Rick so much. A timeless classic!

    1. Rick is my favourite Selma (the people’s poet – haha) – mayhem is exactly right and that is why it is a favourite with students who are living on the edge of civilisation 😉 Vivienne is my 2nd favourite – he puts up with so much shit from the others but is always a gentleman.

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