21 thoughts on “Shark

  1. Note: that’s not a shark in the photo – it’s a humpback whale :). There were bull sharks in the sea the day before yesterday when hubby and kids were swimming – couple of metres out from shore so they got out of the water. I don’t have a photo of a shark.

  2. And just when I was contemplating heading off to the beach for a swim! Think I’ll head to the gym pool instead, haha (particularly as there was an attack down this way last week). Nice sinister poem, Gabe

    1. Pools are lovely and safe bluebee – haha – there are more sharks around then usual at the moment (but you’re pretty safe as long as it’s not dawn or dusk when they feed the most). Thanks bb 🙂

  3. i saw something on science channel about an evolution in the shark class, a “new” breed of sharks with some features apparently geared toward better survival capabilities in a wider range of temperatures, an adjustment, the scientists said, to global warming. also that they have developed greater strength as evidenced by larger musculature/bone density or something like that.
    (i wonder what evolutions humans are having now……)

    1. I read something similar and isn’t that scary – sharks will have a great ability to evolve and survive, particularly as they can move to whatever area of ocean they need to (though the acidification will be a problem I think) – we on the other hand are stuffed 😉

  4. I have great respect for sharks! Beautiful, graceful creatures… I hate the way that they are maligned when all they are doing is obeying nature and existing as best they can. Interesting, that bit about their evolution… Thanks, Gabe.

  5. This gave me a little chill. I’ve seen a few sharks over the years but thankfully I was always standing on the shore at the time. It’s interesting how we experience a frisson of fear when we see that fin. Always makes me think of that scene from Jaws where the shark starts eating the boat. That movie scared so many people.

    I like the sense of emptiness you’ve created – vast and sinister.

    1. Thanks Selma – definitely some sort of primal fear thing happening with sharks (just like the snake thing 😉 ). The day after we saw the shark they had Jaws on tv and a show before Jaws about shark attack victims – my kids told me to hide the remote control so we couldn’t watch it. My friend Louise saw Jaws when it came out and was so scared for months afterwards, so I never watched it (though I have seen a few scenes here and there).

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