14 thoughts on “A Bit of Fry and Laurie – Argue the Toss

    1. Sketches are great Rog (and have gone out of fashion a bit over time) – I like QI but it’s not as good as this stuff – there is no-one like Hugh Laurie of the bulging eyes and Stephen Fry of the verbal diarrhea 😉 to make you laugh.

  1. absolutely timeless Gabe. i was watching a bit of fry and laurie myself his week and even a bit of old school alexi sayle… yje 80’s served up some of the greatest british comedy, ever!

    1. You bet Graham – and then there’s always The Young Ones (which we watch a lot of in this house – haha) – actually Alexi Sayle is in the The Young Ones sometimes (like an uninvited guest 😉 ) – he’s hilarious

  2. I found this scientilatingly brilliant in a jejune way, having moments of crepuscular divergence from the socio-religio-politico-artistico normative tendencies that one ordinarily expects of Brit satire, while on the other hand evocating a fraculatingly inelegant noisomeness that dissipates right before reaching the edge of cuttingness.

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