In your dreams

I believe
mushrooming fairies and elves
cavort in misty green plots.

I believe
that naughty toys wait until midnight
to stretch and play
free from children’s hands.

I believe
in funambule without net.

I believe
treacherous creatures lurk in the dark.

I believe
I am a werewolf restrained
until the full-moon
releases the shackles,
bitter salt rises in blood with the king tide
and the throats of lambs will be slashed.

Walter Mitty is harmless.

Dream on.


Note:  a repost of a poem I wrote ages ago 😉

27 thoughts on “In your dreams

    1. Yeah, they definitely have a sharp edge (and there are some which have been lost over the years which were much worse, eg,. the earlier cinderella stories were horrific). Thanks Tilly 🙂

  1. Beautifully dark imagery about the dangers of magical thinking, Gabe. I like the way the poem’s increasingly insidious sentiments mirrors the way they feed on themselves, and
    “I believe
    in funambule without net” is a fabulous line.

    I don’t believe that treacherous creatures lurk in the dark but prefer the light on, nevertheless 🙂

  2. Now this one made me smile as I first thought of Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra but then switched my thinking to the James Thurber’s The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” …of course my first thought was funnier…a good start to my year reading your poetry.

  3. I am killing myself laughing at Bluebee’s comment. CHUCKY!!!!! 😆
    Now I’m going to have bad dreams….Did I ever tell you Gabe that I actually have a fear of ventriloquist dummies? I know it sounds crazy but those things are freaky. That doll reminds me of one of those dummies. AAARRRGGGHHH.

    That said, this is an exceptional poem. I love the line – ‘bitter salt rises in blood with the king tide.’ OMG, that is epic!!

  4. That doll would freak me out! And your creepy poem about treacherous creatures and werewolves too. This mirrors the way in which a dream can begin by reflecting sweet innocence and become a nightmare! Excellent, Gabe!

    1. Hallooooooooo 47whitebuffalo – wicked indeed 😉 I just read your post about the play on words, which was very interesting and so fitting for my poem with ‘dream on’ and ‘in your dreams’ which both have at least two meanings – the literal meaning and the slang meaning – you can take it one or both ways (and often I don’t notice until after I have written the poem). Happy New Year my dear!

  5. very scary poem! my doll with big hair would never mess with that doll! and noting your comment to bluebee, “if the light’s on you can see the monster approaching” — woah, I’ve had nights like that!! (long after childhood’s close, too, long after …)

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