vanishing spell (viper evanesco)

cold blooded reptile, slithering quick
from dark to light, conjurer slick;
rustling apparition between grass and leaf,
uncoiling with speed, our security thief.

viper evanesco

earth, wind, water, fire; elemental invocation
night to day, and day to night, see dark scaled incarnation,
I call thee now, attend to me
vanishing snake, so mote it be.


Note: Yesterday I was in the chook yard and went to put some stuff in the compost bin and I nearly stood on a whopping great big snake (at least 2 metres, quite fat and brown all over). We’ve had no luck identifying it, but hoping it’s a python (non-venomous) such as the brown tree snake. But even so, it could still eat my chooks 😦 I’ve had to addΒ  Snake-Induced Depression (Axis II) to my existing Chook-Induced Anxiety. This is totally unacceptable so I thought I’d write a vanishing spell (evanesco) πŸ˜‰ .

Nother Note: Image from Microsoft free images.

27 thoughts on “vanishing spell (viper evanesco)

  1. Viper evanesco! Oooer, Gabe, this wonderfully Shakespearean poem conjures up something which definitely must be gone – let’s hope it works (funny that my reply to your most recent comment on my blog was also witchy-brew flavoured – I’m with ya, Twisted Sista! :-D)

    1. We’re ok for now, but if this blog goes quiet for a long period of time you’ll know (sound of drum rolling) that the snake got me πŸ˜‰ I am like you Tilly , I like them when they are behind bars (or in the arms of a snake wrangler).

    1. Thanks Kate. I am going to assume that it will always be there somewhere, hidden. Just hope it doesn’t come out in the open again or gets my chickens. I think it’s after smaller prey, but you never know ;(

  2. Goodness! You have two chicken-related psychological complexes now?? Well, at least there’s a fine poem come from it. But after poetry, be gone, Snake! And eat none of them chooks!

    1. I know – it’s shocking (I’ll have to see an animal psychiatrist at this rate – haha). I think if my chooks get eaten I will be having a literary breakdown of the Pompi and Blanca variety (what would the children think if they read the stories and then found out the truth – eek!).

  3. Let’s call the piper to get rid of the viper.
    EVANESCO, you foul beast. Leave the chookies alone.
    I have a feeling your spell is working, Gabe. Beautifully crafted!!

    1. Thanks Selma – with a little help from Harry Potter (or should I say ms. Rowling) and googling spells – hahaha. That snake won’t know what hit it πŸ˜‰ – teach him to mess with an Aussie witch. Actually I thought of a type of piper (you know the image of the man with the flute charming the snake) but didn’t know how to work it into a poem – haha.

      1. I know you can get comfrey and starwitch from Slug & Jiggers Apothecary in Diagon Alley. It might even be on sale at this time of year. You can probably even order it online if you have a credit card from Gringotts Wizarding Bank. And the good news is those cards are completely unhackable, even members of WizardSec can’t break through the encryptions πŸ˜†

  4. Well excuse me, how brilliant is this! Can you do me one to get rid of idiot bosses? Seriously though, slitheries are the one and only thing that get my nerves jangling for all the wrong reasons and your exquisite part of the planet seems to have them in excess!

    1. hahaha – just say ‘Idiot Bosses Evanesco’ and that should do the trick bandsmoke – or just swear at said boss and he or she will make you disappear πŸ˜‰ We do have way too many snakes in Aussie land.

  5. What next, Gabe? A lexicon of Harry Potter spells – who’da thought!

    Love your post and hope your chook anxiety is gone now… Hope you had a great Christmas! PS – I love snakes if they don’t bite me! Takes getting used to their winding through your fingers or around your arm, but it”s really cool!

    1. hahaha – I like to mix it up a bit adeeyoyo! I don’t mind snakes that can be trusted (my sister has a pet python who is quite nice and I have had snakes draped on my shoulders which is fine by me – when it’s a nice snake πŸ˜‰ ) but when I can’t identify the type of snake I get very nervous. I did have a great Christmas – thank you.

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