vanishing spell (viper evanesco)

cold blooded reptile, slithering quick
from dark to light, conjurer slick;
rustling apparition between grass and leaf,
uncoiling with speed, our security thief.

viper evanesco

earth, wind, water, fire; elemental invocation
night to day, and day to night, see dark scaled incarnation,
I call thee now, attend to me
vanishing snake, so mote it be.


Note: Yesterday I was in the chook yard and went to put some stuff in the compost bin and I nearly stood on a whopping great big snake (at least 2 metres, quite fat and brown all over). We’ve had no luck identifying it, but hoping it’s a python (non-venomous) such as the brown tree snake. But even so, it could still eat my chooks 😦 I’ve had to addΒ  Snake-Induced Depression (Axis II) to my existing Chook-Induced Anxiety. This is totally unacceptable so I thought I’d write a vanishing spell (evanesco) πŸ˜‰ .

Nother Note: Image from Microsoft free images.