What is it with dogs rolling in dead things!

My kids washed Jazz and Sheba the other day. Nice, clean labradoodles emerge dripping with water. They both do the doggy shake, water flying in all directions. Kids emerge as wet as the dogs.

Happy days πŸ™‚

Dogs get towel-dried and the front door is opened so they can go crazy outside. Dogs run around like demented rabbits for a few minutes.

Then Sheba proceeds to roll on smelly dead toad!


A stream of invective emerges from my usually clean mouth 😦


I like to think of it as a metaphor for what has just happened.

This is not a one off and dog owners everywhere will be nodding their heads in knowingness.

We’ve had the dead possum roll, the dead fish roll, the dead shark roll. Anything in a state of decomposition and suitable smelly will do.

Theories abound for why dogs roll in smelly, dead stuff, but I like to think they do it just to piss me off.