mood shifting sound waves

mood shifting sound waves

music of the ocean
transforms a dull mindset
rain splits into rainbows

salt water floating
troubles swiftly disappear
with the summer heat

chill out zoning
ocean water on hot sand
bbq sizzle

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  1. The photo is splendiferous. It is so true that the sea soothes stress away. I love the image of the rain splitting into rainbows. That is perfect. I must go down to the sea again….

    1. It is an interesting photo Selma which I took about a year ago – the cloud like look above the water is actually the smoke from a bushfire over at Fraser Island (which is just across the way from us – but you can’t see the land because it is too far away over Hervey Bay) 😉 – smoke is great for photos. Go for a swim Selma 🙂

    1. thanks Graham – the poem actually started because of that video of the Charge Group (run) that you posted – the first stanza was to be about music changing moods but then I changed it to the ocean to fit in with the other two (and because I was listening to all the sounds on the beach – the sizzle of the waves meeting the sand etc.,). I bought their album on itunes – love it – thanks again for the intro! 🙂

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