My poem ‘Making a Stand’ has been published in the UK-based online journal Poetry24, ‘where news is the muse’ 🙂

Click on this link to have a looksee.

The poem is about the recent controversy over the T.S. Elliot Prize for Poetry.

Here is a run-down:

Poets are rebelling!

Have you heard about the recent controversy over the T.S. Elliot Prize for Poetry (£15,000 for the winner; £1,000 for those on the short-list) run by the UK based Poetry Book Society.

The prize is awarded to the author of the best new collection of poetry published in the UK and Ireland each year.

The Poetry Book Society’s funding was reduced because of Government cutbacks. The Society needed to find money from elsewhere. They eventually attracted a three-year sponsorship deal from Aurum Funds Management.

Happy days! Think again.

British poet Alice Oswald (and past winner of the award) was so unhappy with the selection of the sponsor that she withdrew her nomination. Aurum Funds Management is, among other things, a hedge fund manager.

Australian poet John Kinsella also withdrew his nomination for the lucrative poetry prize. He describes hedge funds as the ‘pointy end of capitalism’.

Will anyone else jump ship?

You’ll have to pop over to Poetry24 if you want to know more 😉


Note: image from Microsoft images.