The editors of Verity La asked me recently for my opinion on the topic of:

A New Archaeology?

When the novel first emerged it was considered trivial entertainment. The literary productions most honoured were to be found in verses and sometimes on stages. As those mediums waned in their traditional states, the art of song writing matured and attracted many of the talents driven by poetry. Cinema rose into a global phenomenonโ€”becoming the major cultural agent for all Western cultures.

We are presently watching the book dwindle into the doddering ineffectuality of old age as print media prepares for retirement. A new medium is already emerging. It is often considered trivial entertainment, just as the novel was in its youth. Will an e-form emerge in the coming generation as the new literary standard? Is the blog already the key artefact for a new archaeology?

My response can be read in the Verity La Forum if you click here.

There are also a number of other writers from Australia who have joined in the forum. It makes for some interesting reading.

Initially the piece was written tongue-in-cheek as someone who had not even seen an e-reader, let alone used one regularly.

I adore the printed book and magazine.

I am the person who ‘will tell anyone who is listening that paper books had marvellous hand held qualities and dusty smells that made people swoon.’

But I know that things are a changin’ and fast!

I thought I better get with the program.

By sheer coincidence, I recently won a Kobo e-reader from the lovely folk at Overland Journal (thankyou – ‘I love youse all’) as part of their annual subscriberthon. I also won an Overland t-shirt and some other goodies, which was really cool.

Have I mentioned that Overland is one of my all time favourite journals – everyone should subscribe or subscribe a friend for Christmas ;).

I am now really hooked on the e-reader phenomenon. So is my son Michael, who has hijacked the device and is guarding it with great alacrity. He has never read so many books. He literally can’t put the e-reader down. He wants books, books, and more books.

This can only be a good thing.


Note: thank you to editor Alec Patric for inviting me to participate in the Forum ๐Ÿ™‚