30 thoughts on “Spider

  1. Did I mention I don’t like spiders in the house…I’m not sure how I would have handled this guy…of course you probably just put him outside or gave him to a frog. 🙂 Enjoyed the poem.

  2. I don’t mind spiders, unless I come across big ones (like that!) unexpectedly. There were lots of huge spiders in Malawi and the British House spider (Tegeneria gigantica) can live up to its scientific name very well. My worst ever spider moment was finding a huge Tegeneria hidden away in a pile of sewing…..

  3. My 6ft2 husband calls me to dispatch of them which I do (without harm) to oustide with an egg spatula and a small bin, but only if it’s a Huntsman and I don’t think that one is (it’s too fat!!!) – eeeek! You get some really scary critters in QLD

    1. This one is not a Huntsman bluebee – but I wouldn’t mess with a huntsman – their bite is not fatal but is extremely painful and they have a habit of jumping straight out at any threat (horizontally – gives you such a scare).

          1. LOL!!!! Now that would be perfect! I reckon one of those bird-eating spiders you get up your way could be trained to dispatch of his budgie, once and for all 😉

    1. hahaha – cold weather does have some benefits Benedicte (the insects do tend to disappear) – we weren’t touching that spider (it got dispatched via spray via Shirl). Thanks for the RT 🙂

  4. What a wonderful poem! I was freezing in fear just reading it. And the picture definitely helps you get into that mood. Ugh, ugh, ugh!

    Just when I was thinking that getting beyond arachnophobia was a good thing — no, no, no! I’m keeping my spider fear! I’m embracing it — I’m fortifying it!!

    Wow, I’m so glad I live so near Washington DC!! All we’ve got are blowhard politicians. And, okay, we’re smack tab on the bull’s eye of various malevolent nuclear-armed countries — but I can kind of deal with that. However, a humongous spider as big as a plate climbing “languidly” — did you say “languidly” on top of the pantry…

    No, can’t deal with that at all! Australia has sounded so incredibly, unbelievably beautiful — until now! Some animals should be targets for an “endangered species list” and that guy is one of them! This planet ain’t big enough, I tell you, for him and us….

    Off to Mars with that guy!

    1. I did indeed say languidly Aletha – haha – it’s ok, we hardly ever see spiders like this around the place (they are very shy creatures) – if you ever come to visit I will tell the spiders to take a holiday for the duration 😉 I suppose this means you won’t be too keen on the sharks and stingrays then?

      1. They should be shy! The difference between spiders verses sharks and stingrays is that the latter just try to kill or eat you whereas spiders add insult to injury by creeping you out before they try to kill (or rather ambitiously to eat?) you!

        Spiders are so creepy it’s a wonder that they’re able to make new batches. I’d think they’d scare the bejeebers out of each other!

  5. aloha Gabrielle – yeah, i’d tread lightly with this creature above me. …it’s the trembling of the net that triggers their quick response, you know… show no fear. just run like a piston on speed. yikes.

    suddenly I stop
    a spider in the corner

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