23 thoughts on “Enough with the Penguins

    1. You’re welcome slpmartin. You have to watch out for the kangaroos when you go for a walk – you don’t want to get in the way of a buck and his female; or a kangaroo that is moving fast (they don’t look where they are going and you could get bowled over by one). Walking on the beach is a lot safer – though Stafford informed me that there was a crocodile found on the island across the way from us (bit unusual this far south).

  1. The little horned lizard reminds me of a horned toad (shorter body) that I found and brought home when I was a girl and kept it for a time until mother let it go when I was at school one day. She didn’t think it should be kept captive and probably right but I loved it anyway and missed it when it was gone. 🙂

  2. What does the mother kangaroo do if/when the baby jumps out to investigate…? Does she give him a klap or a scolding? I didn’t realise how prolific they could be in built up areas – almost like our pigeons, lol!
    Btw, howcome you’ve got snow in summer? I’ve been waiting for mine, but so far nothing and I thought they were differentiating between blogs from the north and blogs from the south.

    1. Adeeyoyo – when the joey first leaves the pouch, it stays really close to the Mum and will jump back in when the slightest bit frightened; as time goes by the joey becomes more daring and will wander short distances. The Mum just keeps a close eye (maybe makes noises – I am not sure). The joey will even hang around Mum when it is quite old and well able to look after itself. With regard to the snow, you have to change the settings in wordpress (didn’t you get the email from WordPress).

    1. It is amazing, even in Australia – it is a peculiarity of this town (because it is so small and so close to the National Park – the town is only about 2/3 streets wide; but quite long – it is stuck between the NP and the sea – the kangaroos will sometimes go down to the sea to have a dip – gets rid of their fleas etc.,). Most towns in Australia don’t have kangaroos in the front yards of the houses. We also get heaps of Hares (but I would have to get up really early to get a photo – one day I will).

    1. Yeah the snow doesn’t really fit with the roos – haha – but sometimes we get really bad summer storms where there is hail (ice from the sky) and it looks like it has snowed (does that count Benedicte – haha).

  3. It must be very dry for a ‘newcomer’ Eastern grey to enter another mob’s space!
    Nice to see you have a (probably insectivorous) descendant of the dinosaurs visiting too!

    1. It finally rained this morning Stafford – thank goodness – it is incredibly dry and all the grass is brown (except where people water the lawns – most people have bore water here for use on the gardens) – it is hilarious to see the kangaroos target the houses with the greenest lawns and ignore the drier gardens.

  4. I love your beautifully prehistoric lizard – we never see those kind (or any gekkos) down this way. That ‘roo is rather large – wouldn’t like to take it on.

    1. Thanks bluebee – the lizard is a Frill Necked lizard – very common in Queensland – always had a few in the back yard when I was growing up. The roo did look a bit fierce – I was standing at the ready to run at any moment – haha

  5. Love the Frilly. Haven’t seen one for years. Have you seen them run? They go like the clappers. It’s quite amazing! Love the Kangas too. So cute.

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