Another Poem for my Penguin Week ๐Ÿ˜‰

Penguin Parenting (The Egg)

Pass me our treasure, dearest one,
he said, manoeuvring the egg
to rest upon his feet, to be
covered with thick blubber,
blanketed with white feathers.

What a precious and fine egg it is,
my sweet – the House of Fabergรฉ
would be sending a search party,
if they only knew
we were charged with such a jewel.

Now cherished one,
be gone
to the deep waters of the ocean
to feed upon your wildest dreams.
Our sequestered chick is safe.

I will turn my back to agonising
winds that threaten to excise me
from this icy landscape, cruellest
terrain, a place of waiting
for love to return.

I will protect our future.

Be gone,
feed your body and spirit,
you will need the strength,
and soon we will raise our chick
together in this frozen world.


Note: The male penguin incubates the egg for months while the female has an extended feeding session in the ocean (only fair ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). She comes back when the chick has hatched and looks after the chick while the very hungry male (who hasn’t eaten for months) goes off to feed. When he gets back, they both raise the chick, keeping it warm and feeding regurgitated seafood. Sounds very progressive to me!

Note: image from Microsoft Office (Images and More)

21 thoughts on “Penguin Parenting (The Egg)

  1. I love the mix of humour (Faberge – haha) and stark reality in this (the last line works beautifully on so many levels)

    Tthe pengiun social and parenting systems sound ideal to me

    1. thanks tipota – they are remarkable (ps. thought I would let you know that I tried to write another comment on your blog and there is some sort of error – which I also found on another blogger blog)

    1. Hot! It is SO hot I can hardly think straight, and sleeping becomes a really great thing to do in the middle of the day. We went from winter to summer, without having much of a spring. Thanks Benedicte ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. This really moved me, Gabe because I saw the movie March Of The Penguins and was blown away by the love and care those penguin parents bestowed on their eggs. They are as precious as Faberge eggs – more so, I suspect.

    You have such fabulous imagery in this poem –
    ‘a place of waiting
    for love to return.’

    ‘and soon we will raise our chick
    together in this frozen world.’

    You highlight how much love there is in the penguin families – puts us humans to shame. I love this poem so much, Gabe. And you’re right – it IS impossible to look at a penguin and be angry!

    1. What a lovely and fulsome (haha) comment Selma – I am giving you 5/5 for that one and award you commenter of the week (your prize is a snow cone – oops, it’s melted already – hmmm) ๐Ÿ˜‰

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