Penguin Week

I declare this week to be Penguin Week (why not!), so here goes Monday:

Power to the Penguin

doing the penguin huddle,

ever shifting positions,
from the outside
to the inside,
slow mixing bowl,
the emperor penguins,
snow dusted black backs
hunched, a wall
against the icy Antarctic wind,
life salvaging
warmth of body temperature,
hundreds of small steps,
collective movement,
one and all gets their cursory turn
on the icy edge
of the group,
then quickly
back into the
warmth of the huddle,
before any individual dies
of exposure,

in a penguin world

the benefits of collective action.


Here is a link some amazing footage (time-lapsed) of the emperor penguins doing the huddle.

Note: image from acobox

22 thoughts on “Penguin Week

  1. A wonderful piece and a worthwhile cause to be spotlighted along with all its fellow creatures down in the deep cold 🙂 PS Introduced to you blog by @kateshrewsday – looking forward to becoming better acquainted with your writings.

  2. I love this. Penguins are amazing creatures. I remember watching ‘March Of The Penguins’ and being stunned by their resilience and tenacity. I just read that the Southern Ocean is warming faster than any other ocean and hate to think what that means for the penguins. I hope they’ll be OK.

    YAY for Penguin Week!

    1. Thanks Selma. I hope the penguins down south will be ok – at least Antartica is a landmass (unlike much of the North Pole) and it will always be extremely cold down there, even with climate change. Though it might effect their food stocks (krill etc.,). Seaworld has an Emperor Penguin display now – and if you are over 14 you can get rugged up in coats and sit next to them – can you imagine that. Tessa wanted to go, then we realised she is to young to go in with them. Maybe you could write a story for Penguin Week 😉

  3. Why not, indeed! 😀

    I love the image of the mixing bowl – that’s just how they move. Perhaps we humans should evolve to have smaller, not larger, brains – and then we might just learn to behave like those penguins

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