Cyclone Season

Cyclone season in summer Queensland,
it happens every year,

warnings from the weather
people, be prepared

emergency kit on standby
waiting for action, like Qantas passengers,

in limbo, waiting for CEO’s
to come down from their clouds,

torch, batteries, drinking water
radio, tarpaulin …

stock up on gaffer tape for windows,
the house will be taken hostage,

clean up your yards, the cyclone
picks up everything, not tied down,

garden furniture, children’s toys
playthings for cyclone winds,

picked up and whirlwind twirled,
on nature’s best show ride,

reeling in the cha cha or rocknroll,
dizzy in the fastest roller coaster on the coast,

listen for radio warnings,
the siren might be howling, beware,

be prepared, always a good idea,
but before it comes, you can always run.


Note: The map shows cyclone activity in Australia in the past 150 years (looks like Australia on a bad hair day πŸ˜‰ ) – produced by the Australian Government (Emergency Management for Schools website). The further North you are the more likelihood of cyclones. I live on the coast on the shores of Hervey Bay ( South East Queensland – over 350 km north of Brisbane).


18 thoughts on “Cyclone Season

  1. surprising how few have actually made landfall – most activity seems to be in the sea. And there is a ‘part’ right in the middle of the forehead where there is practically no activity. Maybe that is where they should have put Darwin.


  2. Okay…so I just had to listen to the ‘siren’ message…so who thought of the line “listen as if your life depended on it…” duh…we’re talking coyclones…your life does depend on it….well I guess they didn’t want anyone to panic. πŸ™‚

    1. I’ve been cracking up laughing over that message slpmartin – it is just hilarious, the deep concerned voice (the fact is you do get pretty used to the siren sound and have a tendence to ignore it, so the man has a point in what he is saying).

    1. hahaha – are you being a little irreverent there Stafford πŸ˜‰ Yeah, you get prlenty of warnings, usually, with cyclones, so the best option if you can is to hop in the car and leave town for a few days – as long as your pets are cared for as well – it’s not like you can fight a cyclone (like you can fight a fire) so what’s the point of staying and getting shit scared.

    1. No prisoners, that’s for sure Kate. Most of the real cyclone action is further north to us, but a couple of years ago we nearly got a direct hit (and the winds from the edge of the cyclone were very strong anyway). Our biggest fear is a storm surge caused by the change in pressure from a cyclone, which would seen the whole town flooded with sea water.

  3. And they are saying that this Summer is going to be another wild one. I think they should broadcast your poem, rather than that somewhat hilarious message!

  4. No joy(ce) coming down from those clouds this season, Gabe – flew over a drowned Northern NSW a few days ago – quite alarming to see the extent of it and so early in the season – in for a wild ride

    1. haha – Alan Joyce has been the source of much distress, but also much humour in the past few months (there is a fake Joyce twitter account which is just hilarious). That would have been amazing flying over the flooded areas. It is very concerning that this is happening so early in the wet season (it’s not even summer yet) – in Brisbane they are simultaneously emptying the dam (to avoid flooding) while reimplementing the water restrictions (that could do your head in).

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